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Chapel Hill-Durham multiple moms gear up for yard sale

The Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples are getting ready for their yard sale next weekend. Learn all about this resource for Triangle moms.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
For 20 years, the Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples has been a resource for moms of twins and more in the western part of the Triangle.

The group formed in 1990 when about 10 moms, who all had twins, began getting together. It evolved into a club, member Jill Hunter told me. And it's grown to 160 members, all moms with twins or triplets, said Hunter who is the mom of two (count them two) sets of twins.

The group meets monthly and brings speakers in. They get together socially once a month or so. And about every quarter, they plan family socials such as a holiday party or picnic in the park. Then there's the listserv where moms email each other for advice.

"It's huge," Hunter said. "You can always find someone who's already been through it with their two. You can just send an email out and say how did you potty train boy-girl twins and you'll get 20 responses. It's the best resource. I could not have survived without this club. I owe a lot of people a lot."

The group is gearing up for their spring yard sale, which is scheduled for 7 a.m. to noon April 24 at Hillsong Baptist Church, 201 Culbreth Rd., Chapel Hill. About 60 members sell items at the sale. And unlike most consignment sales, where most parents are cleaning out the stuff of one child, these moms are cleaning out the gear of two or three kids. So it's not unusual to find two or three copies of the exact same high chair or pajamas. Maternity clothes also will be available.

"It's kind of fun to walk through and see all the coordinated and matched sets," said Hunter of Chapel Hill. "You can tell where somebody had triplets." 

While the sale is a way for members to make money, the group also gives back. Some of the proceeds go to help local moms of multiples in need.

"You'd be surprised how many single moms there are in the area who have multiples," Hunter said.

Click here to learn more about the sale and how you can join Chapel Hill-Durham Mothers of Multiples. The group's site also has a great list of freebies and deals for moms of multiples.
We're at the very end of the spring consignment sale season. Click here for the full list of consignment sales in the area. Just a few left!

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