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After Sledding: 5 snow day activities to keep little ones busy inside

Posted January 18, 2018 8:22 a.m. EST
Updated July 13, 2018 3:19 p.m. EDT

Young child in snow

Editor's note: Skill-By-Skill, which provides group occupational therapy programs for kids in Raleigh, Cary and across the Triangle, shared these fun activities for keeping young children busy indoors on these snowy days.

While you are stuck inside with your kiddos, here are some activities and tips to help you ENJOY your snow day, instead of just surviving it!

Indoor Snow

Tired of being out in the cold, but kids want to play in the snow? Make this for hours of sensory fun. Pro tip: Put it in the middle of a tarp, plastic tablecloth, or an old sheet for easier cleanup! Kids Play and Create has recipes and instructions.

Snow Day Worksheets and Printables

Print them out and let the kids get creative! Pro Tip: Have an extra large box in the house? Put the kids, markers, crayons, etc., in the box and don’t worry about your tables and walls! has a nice collection of printables for several ages.

Yoga or Exercise Class

Call out exercises or show the kids yoga poses to get them moving! They will love trying to do them, especially if you get involved. Bonus: It uses a lot of energy! Yoga Journal has poses for kids.

Yoga for kids

Indoor Obstacle Course
Take your living room, playroom or bedroom and make an obstacle course. Set up sturdy toys to climb over, pillows to jump on, hang a ball to jump up and hit. Then have races!

Animal Parade

Pick a parade route around your house. Put some music on and march the route like an animal! Crawl like a bear or crab, slither like a snake, stomp like a dinosaur! Lemon Lime Adventures has some great ideas.

Skill-By-Skill offers a variety of programs that focus on helping kids, ages 1 to 18, build sensory processing, fine motor, social and self-care skills. Its website has much more information.