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When your child orders a Happy Meal, you can try one of these 'menu hacks'

McDonald's is highlighting some of its fans' creativity by including of their favorite "menu hacks" seen on social media on the actual McDonald's menu for a limited time starting Jan. 31.

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McDonald's Menu Hacks
Kathy Hanrahan
, WRAL lifestyle editor

I love a good "menu hack" or "secret menu item." These fan-created suggestions have been hugely popular at franchises like Starbucks (Pink Drink and many others were fan creations that became menu items).

McDonald's is highlighting some of its fans' creativity by including of their favorite "menu hacks" seen on social media on the actual McDonald's menu for a limited time starting Jan. 31.

Now, I normally write about locally owned businesses. I am all about shopping local and eating local! But I'd be lying if I said my children don't love to eat McDonald's. They love Happy Meals. And sometimes I'm hungry and I order something too because I can't resist some fries every now and then.

I practically lived in Happy Meals as a child (McNuggets were my only food group).

So if your children are like mine and just need some McDonald's, you can consider one of these new menu options.

Starting Jan. 31, you can order these menu items by name and will receive all the delicious menu items needed to build them by hand yourself:

Hash Brown McMuffin – For those looking for a new take on their morning sandwich, try stacking your Sausage McMuffin® with Egg with a crispy Hash Brown for an extra crunch. Available only during breakfast hours.
Crunchy Double – Chicken McNuggets® topped with an iconic Double Cheeseburger. Don’t forget to drizzle Tangy BBQ sauce on top for maximum flavor.
Land, Air & Sea – Add a McChicken®*, to a Big Mac® and a Filet-o-Fish® for next-level flavor. (*Served with a Hot ‘n Spicy McChicken sandwich at select restaurants)
Surf +Turf – Combine a Double Cheeseburger and Filet-o-Fish® for a new take on a familiar plate available only via the McDonald’s App and McDelivery.

The Hash Brown McMuffin, the Crunchy Double and the Land, Air & Sea are available at participating restaurants nationwide via  carry-out, at the Drive Thru, on the McDonald’s App or through McDelivery. The Surf + Turf is available to order exclusively on the McDonald’s App and via McDelivery.

What's your favorite menu hack and where do you get it from?

It's not really a hack, but my son love to get a Wendy's Frosty and dip his fries and nuggets in it! I'm really sounding like mother of the year for nutrition in this article, but I promise my kids eat tons of fruit and some veggies!


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