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Tractor-trailer, three vehicles involved in wreck on I-40 East in Cary

Posted April 1, 2014

Two cars and a tractor-trailer were involved in a wreck Tuesday morning on Interstate 40 East between Aviation Parkway and Harrison Avenue near Cary, state Highway Patrol officials said.

— Three vehicles and a tractor-trailer were involved in a wreck Tuesday morning on Interstate 40 East between Aviation Parkway and Harrison Avenue near Cary, state Highway Patrol officials said.

According to investigators, a pickup truck was attempting to change lanes at about 7:30 a.m. when it caused another pickup truck to lose control and run into the tractor-trailer. A third vehicle was also involved, and the wreck caused the tractor-trailer to overturn.

No injuries were reported in the wreck, but officials said a 17-year-old driving the pickup truck that caused the accident would be charged with an improper lane change.

The right two lanes of I-40 East were closed for more than two hours following the wreck. The highway reopened at about 10 a.m.


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  • Forthe Newssite Apr 1, 2014
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    As I suspected, it was NOT the tractor-trailer drivers fault as is usually the case when one is involved in an accident. Careless drivers cutting them off, on the other hand.....

    Glad no one was severely injured......

  • Ashley Parson Apr 1, 2014
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    In my opinion - Highway dividers should be at a minimun height of 10' as they are in Charlotte to reduce the amount of rubber necking

  • rmsmith Apr 1, 2014

    What happens with "rubber neckers" is they fail to pay attention to the vehicles in front of them and end up slamming on brakes so they do not run into them.

    The car behind them has to slam on brakes and it keeps going back thru the traffic which in turn leads to more rear end collissions.

    Based on experience, it is more dangerous being on a vehicle accident as a fireman than in a structure fire. Drivers do not pay attention. That is why LEO and fire trucks park our vehicles at an angle to protect us from the gawkers.

  • Forthe Newssite Apr 1, 2014
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    The act itself is NOT illegal, BUT the problems it could potentially cause could be very damaging. When backups are just as bad in the lanes on THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD are just as backed up due to rubbernecking.... then it IS illegal because folks are driving TOO SLOW.....if you're not affected by a collision (or helping with one) keep driving

  • lewiskr45 Apr 1, 2014

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    What's illegal about "rubber necking"?

  • rmsmith Apr 1, 2014

    If the LEO started handing out tickets for "rubber necking" at vehicle accidents, the traffic backups would be minimal

  • Arthur Raleigh Apr 1, 2014
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    Probably busy talking on the phone or putting on make up. I have also seen people reading books all the while driving 80mph down 40!

  • puglove Apr 1, 2014

    I've been in an accident on the side of the interstate before. In the time that we were waiting on Highway Patrol, people were driving in the lane right next to where we were at. It was terrifying to be sitting there and have the people driving around us at a minimum of 70 mph. In the process, another wreck was caused by someone ramming into one of the stopped cars that was not on the highway. I know it is a huge inconvenience, but taking it down to two lanes keeps everyone as safe as possible. I would much rather be late than hear about someone being killed. These people are just doing their jobs too, give them some space, it could be you next time.

  • Kristin Byrne Apr 1, 2014
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    Um, the tractor trailer overturned, and is partially in two lanes. Don't really know how you expect them to use a lane while there's a truck disabled in it.

  • commonsenseisn't Apr 1, 2014

    Tony Tata needs to hire someone to teach traffic management. Commuters should not have to suffer because of a collision. There is no reason to block two lanes at this crash this morning.