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Strawberry season could be sweet for farmers

Posted April 12, 2010

— Spring is here, and strawberry plants are in full bloom.

North Carolina ranks fourth in the nation in strawberry production, and this year could be one of the sweetest for growers.

"This year, we've had the great growing conditions, and we have got tons of berries out there," said Arnella Hunt, with Hunt Farm in Wake County. "They're not red yet, but within two weeks, we will have them."

Strawberries in full bloom Strawberries in full bloom

State strawberry specialist Barclay Poling says crops suffered last year with a cold snap in early spring, but warmer weather this year and minimal pests have made conditions ideal.

"We are really excited," he said. "In 20 years, I've never seen a better crop than this."

"We just really suffered last year, so hopefully, we'll all get paid back this year," Hunt said.

Some strawberry farms could open within a week or two, and consumers can keep track of the crops online.

Strawberry farmers are turning to social media sites, like Twitter and Facebook.

"Really, you have to do that," Hunt said.

"How are the strawberries? Is today a good day to come out? It was just really getting that information out there that I could not do in any other way," she said.


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  • ConcernedNCC Apr 16, 2010

    EverythingTicksMeOff is right. When you have a super year for crops, the prices go down. I've been enjoying some of the best strawberries ever from Walmart for $1.50. They've been keeping in the fridge for over a week with no rot or mold. Unfortunately, the farmers will have to continue competing on price to sell their crops. Good for the consumer, though.

  • bonnnie Apr 14, 2010

    MMMM can;t wait to get me some I love fresh strawberries. I don't care for them if they are not in season. Never all that great out of season!!! Bring on the strawberries!

  • John Sawtooth Apr 14, 2010

    A few years back we had a great crop, extra sweet and tender, not real huge, but medium berries. They were fantastic - I hope this year's crop is that good. I already have my ice cream ready !

    I've been eating California berries with a few pecans for breakfast in the mornings the past two weeks. MMmmmmm. 8-D

  • affirmativediversity Apr 13, 2010

    I love strawberries...but have had little luck growing my own to the point of picking them before the berries rot on the ground.

    I've tried straw and hay...any other suggestions?

  • simplelogic Apr 13, 2010

    I bought strawberries in Dunn over the weekend - first of the season, locally grown.

  • mrsgaskill Apr 13, 2010

    I believe Vollmer Farms in Bunn opens this weekend. Great place to pick your own berries. Not to mention the homemade ice cream and the great play area for kids!

  • Raptor06 Apr 13, 2010

    Great news. I love strawberries in my green smoothies!

  • Bendal1 Apr 13, 2010

    I visit Hunt Farms off of US 401 north of Raleigh several times every year, and pick a couple of gallons of strawberries to freeze and make things with. Fresh berries are the best!

  • graceb81 Apr 13, 2010

    So excited about fresh strawberries! We always go to McAdams Farm off Efland-Cedar Grove Rd in Efland ... looking forward to a big year!

  • Honesty first Apr 13, 2010

    Me again....just look at teh name being used to post. I would guess that sums it up.