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Friends fight for justice in suspicious death of Raleigh bartender

Posted December 12, 2011

— Friends of a 29-year-old man who died last month after a fight outside a Raleigh bar said Monday that they refuse to give up on justice, even though no arrests have been made in the case and it isn't clear whether police intend to file charges.

Marvin Alberto Quinonez worked as a bartender at Glenwood Grill in Raleigh, where he easily made friends with co-workers and customers, friends said.

"When you came in, you knew you had a new friend in Marvin. He was just a wonderful, compassionate, great person," Trish Barnes said Monday.

Adam Reid said he remembers Quinonez, his co-worker and roommate, as "an awesome guy – so kind and generous."

Quinonez was born in El Salvador and grew up in New Orleans, where much of his family still lives. Without family in the immediate area, friends say they have stepped up to the task of demanding answers about what led up to his death.

"We promised his family when they left that we would not let it go, that people here did care enough about Marvin to make sure that justice was done," Barnes said.

Marvin Quinonez Friends demand answers in Raleigh man's suspicious death

Police say that Quinonez got into an argument inside Churchill's Bar, at 1622 Glenwood Ave., in the historic Five Points neighborhood, after he got off work one evening last month. The altercation continued outside, where it allegedly turned physical.

A passerby found Quinonez injured behind the bar in the early morning hours of Nov. 13. He had suffered severe head trauma and died in the hospital more than a week later.

Police have spoken to a man who had an altercation with Quinonez, but say the case is still under investigation.

Dana Jones said it was a shock to hear about her friend's tragic death.

"He was always trying to help you out, always putting you first," she said. "He just became a friend to us all, and he had so many friends here and in the community."

Reid said the loss is hard to accept.

"Knowing that he's gone forever is hard to actually grasp on to," he said. "I go home and I'm minus a roommate and a friend, and it just hurts."


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  • carolina4 Dec 19, 2011

    Thanks to WRAL for continuing to report on this story. I live in the Five Points area and remember Marvin, the friendly bartender at Glenwood Grill with the big smile. Many of us in the area care about the outcome of the police investigation into this incident...please continue to follow this!

  • nbnjbd420 Dec 15, 2011

    To The Person Who Beat Marvin and Left Him Die: How do you sleep at night? How can you stop the images of what you did to Marvin from running through your mind? You may tell yourself it was an accident or he started it. Regardless, you know something and Marvin deserves justice and the people who love him deserve closure. The Raleigh PD is not acting quickly to resolve this, but everyday that goes by; whether you are in jail or not, is another day you have to live with yourself and the fact that you killed someone. Do you feel like a big man now? Was the "altercation" aka Murder, worth it? Marvin was a big believer in Karma and when it finds you, you better find your God and start praying. You are a coward and selfish person. I hope you have nightmares with Marvin's face in front of you, that wake you screaming every night for the rest of your days on earth. May justice come quickly for Marvin and may your days be Hell on Earth.

  • christinebbd Dec 14, 2011

    I'm disappointed to see the news that Raleigh police aren't working hard enough on this murder. This young man deserves justice! I'm shocked to hear Churchills wants to let this slide under the table. I won't be visiting their place any time in the near future. They obviously don't care about their customers safety. The message to criminals is 'go to Churchill's, you can get away with anything there'.

  • saywhaaaaat Dec 13, 2011

    There will never be justice, just for the simple fact he is latino. Im sorry but I have to say this, I had a very close friend to get killed on his 22nd birthday just for $75 they found in his pants pockey after they shot and killed him. The authorities claim they did not have any evidence on who killed him but the store that he was at before he got shot had some video of two males bullying him for money on the side of the store. Now who is there to say it wasn't one of them. Im hoping this story will be diffrent and they find who did this to this poor guy. His family and friends need closer.

  • BRWB Dec 13, 2011

    suzannejones- There is a not so small group of people who have basically dedicated their lives for the last month to asking these same questions. We have done it because Marvin was a close friend and remarkably special person to us. For you, someone who did not know him, to come forward asking questions has lent validity to our hard work. Thank you.

  • suzannejones Dec 13, 2011

    What have the folks at Churchill's had to say? I have seen no comment on this tragic event that occurred at their establishment. I did not know Marvin personally, but I do know that the restaurant/bar community is very closely knit. I find it odd there has not been any kind of words of condolence from Churchill's. I also find it odd there has not been more publicity or more importantly an arrest made. This man may have been involved in an altercation, but by no means did he deserve to be beaten to death. As a resident of Five Points, I find this whole incident disturbing...as if it is being swept under the rug. I for one will never patron Churchill's again!

  • LuvLivingInCary Dec 13, 2011

    somebodies not doing their job, he got in a fight, died...wheres the autopsy results...

    that should declare the reason for death and whether it's a homicide or he died of natural death..

    come on government people, DO YOUR JOB!!!

  • storchheim Dec 12, 2011

    Wow - you don't think of that area or the local people as dangerous. This needs to be resolved.

  • anne53ozzy Dec 12, 2011

    You would not think being a bartender might be a dangerous job but speaking from experience it can be, especailly for men.
    I have in my younder years as a bartender (as a woman) had to confront someone who needed to leave and did, not always without incident. God bless the family of this young man and hope they find who did this as he most likely will hurt someone else in time.