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TX church attack brings back painful memories for Antioch church shooting survivors

Posted November 6, 2017 3:38 p.m. EST

— The recent mass shooting in Sutherland, TX, is a painful reminder to those who lived through the church shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ in Antioch.

In late September, the shooting at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ killed one woman and injured seven others.

Emanuel Samson was charged in the shooting. One of the churchgoers, Caleb Engle, was able to stop Samson until authorities arrived.

The Department of Justice opened a civil rights investigation into the case to determine if the shooting was racially or religiously motivated.

A lot of emotions come up when asked about that scary Sunday morning more than a month ago. They know those in Sutherland will never be the same.

Terry Carter has been going to Burnette Chapel Church of Christ for more than a decade.

"It's painful, it's painful that our country has come to that," said Carter. "We had one that was killed [here]. There are families' worth [of victims] in Texas that are going to deal with this. It's just, it's sad."

For Carter, the pain of a church shooting is still fresh.

"The doors open [inside] here during service and everybody is singing, you still hear that door [open], and you'll see many people turn just to look and see who is coming in," said Carter.

Glenn Smith was not at church that September day, but he knows how his congregation is still trying to cope with what took place.

"I know what our church has been through, and what [Sutherland] is about to go through," said Smith. "They'll have a lot of support. We had a lot of support, especially the next Sunday."

Smith is responsible for changing the outdoor church sign at Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. On Sunday, he put up a new message to those in Sutherland, TX.

It said, "Our thoughts and prayers are with Texas."

"A lot of churches supported us, especially with messages on signs," said Smith. "I felt we had to do the same thing."

Carter has this message for those mourning in Texas.

"I'm just so sorry that you're having to go through it," she said. "Our thoughts and our prayers are going to be with you for a long time."