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Training for Baby: Variety keeps it fresh

Posted January 18, 2011 7:45 p.m. EST

Variety is a huge aspect of my workout routine.

If I did the same thing every day, I probably would get bored and end up skipping workouts. It is so easy to hit the snooze button!

Here’s a few of the things I try to mix into my fitness plan each week:

  • Zumba – These Latin dance classes are high-energy and lots of fun. They are being offered at many gyms and dance studios. They are also available on DVD.
  • Yoga or Pilates – These exercises focus on balance, stretching and strength. Yoga classes typically end with light meditation, which is good for the mind and body.
  • Weight training – About 20 to 30 reps with five to 10-pound weights can really make your arms shape up. Remember to give yourself 48 hours before using weights or resistance machine again. You have to let your muscles rest in between sessions.
  • Kickboxing – A great way to increase your heart rate and burn calories. Plus, you can get out any built up aggression.

My trainer has recommended that I do three hours of cardio (kickboxing, Zumba, elliptical or treadmill) and three hours of strength training (weights, balance and resistance machines) a week. I’m not sure how I will find time to fit all of that in, but I do want to drop some weight so I will try.

What type of fitness routines do you usually do? Anyone else try Zumba?

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