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Training for Baby: Temptations

Posted March 9, 2011 9:44 a.m. EST

What is the biggest temptation that could derail your diet or exercise plan?

Besides wanting to hit the snooze button and skip the gym in lieu of a few extra hours of sleep, most of mine revolve around trips back to my hometown – New Orleans.

The food is so good there. I find it hard to avoid eating tons of it! This is especially true at carnival time – also known as Mardi Gras.

Knowing all of this, I still booked myself a trip home for Fat Tuesday, knowing that King Cakes (basically large stuffed sugared donuts with filling) and fried catfish await me.

Vacations also mean less time for exercise.

Last time I visited my mom I ended up going with her to the gym and then doing aerobics videos with her at home. Yes, I said videos. She has a ton of Kathy Smith exercise VHS tapes from the 1980s. I usually laugh the entire time we do them, but at least I am getting a workout.

I bought my mom a set of Zumba videos for Christmas, so maybe we can do that.

So what’s your biggest food temptation or personal obstacle?

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