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Training for Baby: Scotty helped me lose weight

I was part of the WRAL crew covering "American Idol" finalist Scotty McCreery's hometown visit on Saturday. It was one of the longest days of my life.

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Kathy Hanrahan
Kathy Hanrahan

I was part of the WRAL crew covering “American Idol” finalist Scotty McCreery’s hometown visit on Saturday. It was one of the longest days of my life.

Somehow, I survived the grueling day on very little food – hot dog, Fritos, snowball and one bottle of water. That was all I had during the day!

The day started at Lowes Foods, Scotty’s former employer. I was taking fan video and photos.

Surrounded by a giant cupcake display of Scotty on the Idol stage, I had to remind myself that I was trying to behave myself. I really wanted to just lose my mind and start inhaling the cupcakes! I mean, they could build a new scene for him quickly, right? He wouldn’t notice one cupcake gone….

Not only was I near cupcakes, I was also surrounded by food! Tasty food!

But I remained strong.

After about three hours, I broke down and bought a hot dog, which came with a bag of chips – all for $1!

When Scotty’s arrival got pushed back yet again, I decided to head to Lake Benson Park to check out the fans waiting for the concert.

My GPS told me it was only 1.1 miles. “That isn’t far,” I thought. I was wrong!

That was the longest walk of my life – made worse because I was carrying a camera and bag with rain gear.

When I finally reached Lake Benson, I had another mile to walk just to get to the stage. If I hadn’t gotten a snowball, I probably would have passed out and been eaten alive by the tweens in line for snacks.

Scotty’s arrival kept getting pushed back, so I ended up standing in the middle of the ever-growing crowds for about two hours. After that, I had the 1.1 mile walk back to the car.

By the end of the day, I felt like Scotty had run me over with tank!

But I did step on the scale two days later and see that I lost 2 lbs.

So, thanks, Scotty for helping me get closer to my weight goal!

Kathy is a web producer, entertainment expert and concert photographer for WRAL.com. She has written a manuscript about her life as an entertainment reporter and pop culture. Learn more about Kathy on her website. On Wednesdays here on Go Ask Mom, she's chronicling her efforts to lose weight before she and her husband start a family.




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