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Training for Baby: New chapter

Trainer Anthony is breaking up with me. He broke the news last week before our session started. Surprisingly, I felt a little emotional.

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Kathy Hanrahan
Kathy Hanrahan

Trainer Anthony is breaking up with me.

He is going to prison …. to work as a guard!

I know it sounds kind of odd, but he has always wanted to work in law enforcement and this was a perfect chance for him to follow his dreams. And working with me has probably prepared him to deal with prisoners. I can be a little difficult.

Anyway, he broke the news to me last week before our session started. Surprisingly, I felt a little emotional.

When we started working together last October, I was in the worst shape of my life, eating poorly and not ready to start a family. Everything has changed so much. It feels like a chapter in my life is ending now with his departure.

I never thought I would ever work with a trainer because I feel self conscious enough working out, why would I want someone watching me do it and telling me how I am doing everything wrong? And it was way too expensive. But Anthony really helped me find a plan that worked for me and figure out what I could do the rest of the week to stay fit.

Throughout the process, we became friends. Working out didn’t feel so much like a chore, just time with my workout buddy and a chance to gossip. (Yes, I treated him like a dear girlfriend.) It was nice to have a friend at the gym to make it not such a scary place.

Now, we are both on the verge of new chapters – him going into law enforcement and me and my husband starting a family.

He has set me up with a new trainer, who has a lot of education about training and pregnancy. I am excited to start the next chapter of my life and hopefully learn things for her. Then, I will pass them onto you!

So, here’s to the next step.

Kathy is a web producer, entertainment expert and concert photographer for WRAL.com. She has written a manuscript about her life as an entertainment reporter and pop culture. Learn more about Kathy on her website. On Wednesdays here on Go Ask Mom, she's chronicling her efforts to lose weight before she and her husband start a family.

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