Biden to Discuss Border and Other Issues With Mexican President
Fact check: Biden says majority of voters, including Republicans, support stimulus

President Joe Biden made a forceful pitch to Republicans in Congress to "listen to their constituents" and pass his $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan to help Americans recover from the pandemic. We check his claim about overall support and Republican support.

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Congressman Ted Budd
Fact check: Budd says 91% of stimulus 'is not even COVID-related'

In a speech on the floor of the U.S. House, Rep. Ted Budd said there's about 9% of (the American Rescue Plan) actually going to COVID, meaning 91% of it is not even COVID-related." PolitiFact North Carolina checks his claim.

Fact check: No, Biden didn't allow immigrants to 'jump' COVID vaccine line

During a Feb. 2 interview on Fox News, Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., claimed President Joe Biden was allowing unauthorized immigrants to move ahead of American citizens to get their covid-19 vaccines.

Biden Demands Citizenship for All Immigrants, but He Signals Flexibility
Fact check: Biden wrong about inflation-adjusted minimum wage

If the government connected inflation to the minimum wage when it hit $7.25 an hour, President Biden said the minimum wage would be "$20 an hour right now." The U.S. Labor Department's data doesn't support his claim.

New ad from the SGLF, N2 America
Who's behind the new ad calling on North Carolina to reopen schools?

A new television ad airing in North Carolina slams liberals for not reopening grade schools across the country. The State Government Leadership Foundation, a conservative nonprofit, is launching a "Let Kids Learn" campaign that calls on state lawmakers to allow in-person instruction. The foundation partnered with N2 America, a nonprofit formed recently to improve conservative outreach in the suburbs.


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