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Playground Review: North Cary Park

North Cary Park features giant boulders for climbing, a playground with tall slides built into the topography and more.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
For all sorts of reasons, I'm often in the general vicinity of North Cary Park. And though I'd heard of its giant boulders and tall slides, I didn't make it there until a few weeks ago on a very warm, February day.

And that's when I asked myself why I hadn't been here before. This park, which surely is leafy in the spring and summer, offers a great mix of play equipment and open space for play, along with paved trails, picnic shelters and more.

I love when parks offer unique features and North Cary Park has them. First there are two, tall slides built into hills. They are steep enough that my older daughter is able to slide down the rubber surfacing that the slides sit on top of. She had a blast. And so did my two-year-old once she figured out that she needed to slow herself down with her feet as she descended.

North Cary Park might be even better known for its eight-foot climbing boulders, which sit on top of blue rubber surfacing. These are built for a variety of skill levels. My six-year-old had fun attempting to make it to the top. Her two-year-old sister had fun mastering the much smaller boulders that sit nearby.

North Cary Park also offers a traditional playground, sand area and swings. Don't miss the belt swings, which sit away from the main playground and near a second hill slide (for lack of a better term). You'll also find restrooms with changing tables and picnic shelters here.

For a closer look at the park, watch the video.

Find North Cary Park at 1100 Norwell Blvd. in Cary.
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