Of course this would happen when my fridge and freezer are full!

Guess what I woke up to this morning?

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Faye Prosser

The ice and water dispenser on the freezer door decided to stop working 3 days ago but we figured it was just something to do with the dispenser, not an overall problem with the fridge/freezer. Guess again. I woke up to a thawing freezer and a not really cold fridge this morning. Yikes! Lesson learned - as soon as the fridge or freezer starts to show any unhappiness, call the repair person! I did call Garner TV and Appliance, (where we purchased the fridge 4 years ago) on Wednesday and verified that the fridge was still under warranty. I had intended to call the repair people yesterday but got caught up in other stuff and forgot. Well, guess who I called first thing today? Unfortunately, they can't come out until Monday. Note to self - call repair person sooner next time.

I am, however, thankful for a few things.

1. We have a deep freeze and I was able to move most of the items in the thawing freezer in to the chest freezer (although it was already almost full from super doubles!). None of the meat had begun to thaw so I didn't loose any of the $1.79/lb chicken breasts or $1.99/lb London broil!

2. My dad lives in the neighborhood and had some extra room in his fridge for a lot of our fridge stuff.

3. I have enough free or almost free condiments in my pantry to replace those in the fridge with no problem.

4. The fridge is still under warranty so at least it is covered.

5. It will be really easy to give the fridge and freezer a good cleaning now that it is empty!

6. We still have air conditioning, so it's not as bad as it could be!

I share this drama with you as a reminder to NOT do what I did. Don't wait to call the repair people until the ice is melting....

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