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Cary Residents Urged to Follow Watering Rules

Workers from Cary's Water Resources Division will be out reminding customers about water conservation after the town's usage reached a record high.

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CARY, N.C. — Some Cary residents admit they do not know the town's watering rules by heart.

“I know that we can water automatically every other day, but I'm not sure what day's ours,” said homeowner Melissa Crane.

Resident Christy Miller didn’t know which day she was assigned, “so I just picked yesterday,” she said.

Cary has followed a year-round, alternate-day outdoor watering schedule for the past seven years. The rules allow customers to use automatic irrigation systems and sprinklers three specified days per week.

Even-numbered addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. Odd-numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. No automated watering is allowed on Mondays, but hand-watering is allowed any day of the week.

With water usage out of sight, members of Cary's Water Resources division are making a big push to make sure homeowners know the rules. Starting Thursday, more staff members will be in the field looking for violations.

Warnings will be issued to first offenders, followed by fines for subsequent violations.

“Usually when our staff are out in the field they might notice a violation, and then they'll leave a warning for the customer or talk to them in person, and then people will usually fix the problem right away,” said Leila Goodwin, Cary water resources manager.

Cary residents who spoke with WRAL said they want to be part of the solution.

“I would like to do my part to conserve water and do it the right way,” Miller said.

Water usage in Cary on Tuesday reached an all-time high with 26 million gallons.


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