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Morning Water Woes Plague Residents Of Wake Subdivision

Posted June 19, 2002 8:36 a.m. EDT

— Homeowners near Cary wake up wondering if they will have enough water to take showers in the morning.

Some residents of the Heatherston subdivision said they play the water waiting game each day.

Residents at the top of the hill on Pennyshire Lane go without water in the mornings because the well water tank is not big enough to supply the neighborhood in peak times.

"You get up in the morning and wonder how long the water will last," homeowner Karin Pleasant said. "Flusing the toilet has to wait. This is our fifth summer in this house that we've been fighting."

People who live down the hill do not have the water problems, because they live closer to the water supply tank.

Residents like Robert Finez have complained to Heater Utilities about the well water problems.

"The situation is what it is, and they're response to me is deal with it," he said.

The company said the problem is that people are using three times the normal amount of water during regular times.

Neighbor Lisa Gallimore said she did not know that watering her lawn could be cheating others out of a shower.

"We just spent $3,500 seeding and getting it torn up because we had a bunch of weeds," she said.

For those without morning water, they ask that their neighbors do what they can to help out.

"I have three small children, a baby with bottles," said Pleasant. "How do I fix their food, how do we bathe them, how do we flush the toilets?"

"It's sometimes nine in the morning before you even have an opportunity to take a shower," Finez said.

Residents vow to take their case with Heater Utilities to the state Utilities Commission.

"These guys, they take my $100 a month, but they don't want to offer a resolution to the problem," Finez said.

Tuesday, Heater Utilities sent out notices to asking homeowners to only water their lawns every other day.