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Fayetteville Festival Bringing Out-Of-This-World Opportunities To Students

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FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. — Fayetteville's

Festival of Flight 2003

is taking off. The celebration of the Wright Brothers' historic flight is already bringing out-of-this-world opportunities to local schools.

Letitia Myles, director of the Math and Science Academy at E.E. Smith High School, has not incorporated a whole lot of space education in her curriculum this year, but that is about to change.

"We need to know how space will affect the human body, how space will affect plants, what happens when we are in micro gravity," Myles said.

Now, she can get the materials she needs just by walking down the hall. Because of NASA's involvement in Festival of Flight 2003, it decided to launch a Satellite Educator Resource Center at the high school.

"Part of our strategic plan in NASA includes education and outreach. It's very important we train students for the next generation," said Dr. Samuel Massenberg of NASA.

Teachers from 10 counties will have access to training workshops and free materials. It is the only center of its kind at a public school in North Carolina.

A big emphasis of Festival of Flight 2003 is education. One thousand students a day will visit and have the opportunity to talk with astronauts at the international space station.

NASA officials are in town to discuss their involvement in Festival of Flight 2003. They hope to have a concrete plan in place by Friday afternoon.

The festival will take place from May 16-26, 2003.


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