Durham man being inducted into blood donation hall of fame

Posted October 22, 2010 8:17 p.m. EDT

— Durham resident Kyle Brouhard will be inducted into the blood Donation Hall of Fame on Oct. 27, the American Red Cross announced Friday.

Although he is visually impaired and must ride a bus to and from the Durham Donor Center, he has donated blood 45 times since 1994, according to the organization.

"Not only is it challenging for Brouhard to schedule a donation time around bus schedules, he must also arrive about an hour early for his appointments so a donor center staff person can read the required material that all blood donors must read," according to a Red Cross news release.

"Red Cross staffers recognize Brouhard’s positive attitude, how he takes any additional challenges he faces in stride and add that recruiting blood donors would be much easier if everyone could see the best in life as Brouhard has found and embraced."

He is one of 12 donors from across the country selected for the Fenwal 2010 Donation Hall of Fame.

“It's a fitting tribute to one of our most dedicated donors,” said Toby Barfield, executive director for the Central N.C. Red Cross. “He has selflessly given the gift of life to patients in need and is a hero to our community.”

Blood centers across the country submitted nominations for this year’s Donation Hall of Fame. Winners were chosen based on their demonstrated commitment and passion to donating blood and/or encouraging blood donations. Each winner will receive a personalized award from Fenwal and will be featured in the company’s 2011 product-dating calendar they provide to U.S. blood centers.