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New Mom: The Baby No. 2 experience

Our 'new mom' is now expecting her second child. How does this pregnancy compare with the first one? She tells all.

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Asher Kroboth
Kira Kroboth

Now that I'm pregnant with No. 2, I keep getting asked how this pregnancy compares to the last one. Good question.

Here's the skinny (which, in this case is not so skinny):

  • Way sicker in the first trimester with this pregnancy. Once the sickness went away (completely around 15 weeks), I feel pretty great. Just tired.
  • No terrible teen acne with this pregnancy like I had with the first. So, that's good.
  • First pregnancy, I had terrible sciatic nerve pain from the beginning. Walking sent shooting pains up my leg and into my hips. My feet hurt, too. I think this time around, my hips are already spread out and adjusted down there so Dos is just comfy as is. That's nice.
  • Don't sleep great. That happened with both pregnancies. And not expecting any improvement in this area.
  • Starting to get heartburn here and there. Didn't have it this early with my first, Asher.
  • Weight gain came on fast(er) this time. Wowzers. I swear I was showing at 10 weeks, if not before. Seems to have leveled out now though (hopefully).
  • Far more exhausted this time. Probably something to do with chasing a toddler and running my own biz. You know, those minor things.
  • Way more congested this time with constant sore throat. Not sure if it's a cold (Rusty's vote) or allergies (my vote) or pregnancy rhinitis (please no).

I haven't bought anything for No. 2, who we are calling Dos, yet. At least not that I can think of. Not sure what I'm waiting for. Probably to find out if it's a boy or girl. Boy: I don't need to do much shopping at all. Girl: I will need to restrain myself and try to borrow as much as possible from friends.

Baby Dos won't have a nursery. I know, I know. What? But we don't have room since I'm working out of the house. Asher stayed in our room downstairs for the first six or eight months until we all relocated upstairs and moved the office downstairs. I love this new upstairs sleeping/downstairs living arrangement. But that leaves no bedroom for the newest addition. So, I'm going to make a little nursery corner in our room until it's time to regroup. (This would have NEVER been an option the first time around. Funny how things change.)

All is well though. Better than well! We are blessed with each other, good health, a great home, awesome family and friends and work to keep us busy - among many other things. So, I'm trying to not stress over this space issue and make TONS of room for Dos in our hearts, which is what's most important anyway. We are very excited to meet this kid!

Kira is the mom of one-year-old Asher, is expecting No. 2, owns Krobe Interactive and writes from time to time for Go Ask Mom. Read the full post on her blog Grits, Grins and Gripes.

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