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New mom: Surviving those first weeks

Remember those first few weeks with your newborn? Was it bliss? Or was it more like this? Meet Kira, who just became a mom.

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Kira and Asher
Kira Kroboth

Hi Go Ask Mom! Allow me to introduce myself, please. I’m Kira – wife, mom, daughter, friend and employee. You see, I listed those in a particular order. Here’s more on each, in hopes that you’ll get to know me a bit:

First, I’m a wife. (I only list this first because I’ve read books that state that in order to have a healthy family, you must put your marriage first. Then, your relationship with your husband and children falls into place and the kids feel secure and loved. We’ll see how that goes. ) So, I’m a wife of less than a year. My husband and I will celebrate our one-year anniversary on June 20. Yep, we worked fast. Which leads me to the second piece of me.
I’m a mom. Our little guy, Asher, is one month and some days old. Well, I should say our big guy. I’d love to say I’m adapting to motherhood perfectly, because isn’t that what everyone always says? Well, not me. This is super hard. I’m nursing – all the time. He’s awake – all the time (seriously). He fusses – a lot of time. I’m exhausted – all of the time. I’m learning as I go, though. And I’m blogging my experiences along the way (with tons of pictures of the cutest kid in the world). Becoming a mom has turned our world upside down, particularly since Asher is not the quintessential perfect baby I was planning on. We are relying heavily on the glorious help of our families and friends.

Ah, my family. I’m the daughter of a teacher and fireman from small town North Carolina, aka the best parents in the world. I’ve got a younger sister that is the world’s best babysitter – and she’s pretty cool, too. And my friends. I include friend in my description because so much of my life revolves around them. It’s quite unique now, being so wrapped up in a 10 lb. life form that I cannot find the time to catch up with my best friends. I’d give anything for a carefree night on the town with my girls. But, that won’t happen – they are pretty much all pregnant! I think part of me is worried if I talk to them right now I’ll scare them away from motherhood. Not that there’s anything they can do it about it this point – ha.

And finally, I’m an employee. I’m a project manager (really they call me a Web producer) for a local company. (This means I help manage website projects.) I work long hours with intense deadlines and awesome, awesome team members. Well, I worked – past tense. Right now, I think my job as Asher’s mom is way tougher. (I was joking about ending maternity leave early to get a break.) I will be going back to work after 12 weeks at home. I look forward to seeing everyone and being in charge of a project and team that I understand and can lead with confidence (unlike this kid right now).

So, there’s me in 480-ish words. I hope to share my days and nights as a new mom with those who can maybe benefit from my storytelling. (Here’s my breastfeeding experience, to start. I will pass along pointers, lessons learned and items that must be on your registry. I will offer breastfeeding pep talks as needed. And, I’ll post an obnoxious amount of pics of my adorable baby along the way. I look forward to blogging with you!


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