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Indoors or out, here are some heart-warming fall activities for the family


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Tandra Wilkerson
, WRAL contributor

Are you feeling it yet? The rushed energy of the holidays, family gatherings, store sales and Christmas shopping. Sure, that's the usual this time of year, but I've decided to handle things a bit differently.

My daughters and I have had a rollercoaster of a year with drastic changes. We're experiencing a lot of "firsts" as well. Therefore, our overall wellbeing is the top priority.

When life feels chaotic, we usually want to get outside in nature or go somewhere new. Almost anything that has an adventurous vibe will do. And the destination doesn't have to be out of town. Trust me: There are many local places we have yet to visit.

Below are just a few activities my family enjoys (or wants to) as fall makes its way to winter. Whether we're doing them for pure enjoyment or to ease the demands of daily life, we feel better and more centered afterwards.

Outdoor Activities

1) Flying Kites. Fall days can sometimes be windy. If you have kites and can tolerate the temps, get outside and watch them soar! A personal fact about me, I never flew kites until adulthood. I'm grateful my girls experienced the fun of it much earlier. In this blog post, I give you more of my story, the history of kites, the kites we purchased and even linked to a how-to video in case you're new to it.
2) Bonfire & S'mores. Years ago we created a little firepit beside our house. Sitting around the fire, watching the dancing flames, roasting marshmallows, telling stories, laughing together or just enjoying the silence – that's the stuff family memories are made of! Always a good time. Don't forget to have fire extinguishers nearby just in case.
3) Ice Skating. Okay, my daughters and I have never had a real ice skating experience, but we plan to every year. I'm not sure what happens, but it never gets checked off the list. Maybe this time will be different. Many places have indoor ice skating rinks, but I know locations like Graham and Greensboro create outdoor ice skating areas for the public's enjoyment. If ice skating is your thing, get out there! Or add it to your list as something new to do.

Indoor Activities:

1) Family Paint Night. You can create one right at home. Grab paper & easels if you have them or a few canvases from the dollar store. Prefer better quality materials? Check out a craft store like Michael's or the craft aisles at Walmart. Art studios in your area may offer these events, too. Do your research to see what's offered. Another thing I like to do is research events our libraries are offering. Those are usually free and a lot of fun.
2) Indoor Rock Climbing. This is a fun way to get moving. While we've never been to an actual rock climbing gym, we've tried it at other places. My daughters always seem to enjoy. It'll be exciting to experience it on a larger scale.
3) Arcades. Whether competing against each other or playing a game together, it's so much fun. I highly recommend surprising your kids with an arcade visit right after school if you want to see their faces light up.
Hopefully, I've given you a few ideas you can use. And if not, here's the link to an older challenge post I wrote with 100 ideas!

For any activity, be sure to learn about rules and restrictions related to the pandemic. Things have obviously changed in our current climate. It's always wise to be informed ahead of time.


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