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Help a Mom: Favorite consignment stores?

Have a favorite consignment store in the Triangle? Help a mom who is looking and share it.

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Sarah Lindenfeld Hall
I've been writing a lot about consignment sales since we launched the site about two months ago. Consignment sale season was just starting up and they are so popular with moms across the Triangle. The season is winding down, but check the list for a few more in the next month or so.

But not everybody is a consignment sale shopper. And then, for those of us who prefer not to buy retail, there are always those in between months when you realize your son's pants no longer fit or your daughter needs a dress for a wedding.

Enter consignment and thrift stores. There are many across the Triangle. I'd love to get a list going on the site to help moms like Michelle, who emailed me this question the other day:

"I wondered if other moms are like me and are overwhelmed with stuff and what to do with it all. Then of course, we always need to add stuff. Seasonal clothes, for example.

A list of consignment stores and what they really take and don't take and sell and don't sell (and if they are fair in their pricing) would be great."

Can you help?

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