Crews working to restore power in Cedar Island area after Dorian get treat from stranger

Posted September 7, 2019 11:58 p.m. EDT

— The road to Cedar Island on Saturday was filled with trucks, mostly the kind of trucks you would expect to see after a hurricane.

Power crews were in bucket trucks working under the hot sun on Saturday to restore power to an area hit hard by Hurricane Dorian. Then came David Englehard. He was driving a Kona ice truck and happened to come across the men who were working on the side of the road. He stopped to offer them a refreshing treat.

“Want one?” he asked one worker. “Come on over and get yourself one if you want.”

Cedar Island, known as the "Gateway to the Outer Banks" suffered some of the worst damage from Hurricane Dorian. Days later, the water hasn't completely receded. While crews are busy restoring power, Englehard is restoring faith in humanity.

“We know they’re hot and they’re sweaty and it’s humid out here," Englehard said. "We try and bring a little joy and little comfort by giving them some free shaved ice."

Nine years ago, Engelhard said he and his wife launched their shaved ice business. He said he simply saw the lineman working hard to pull their community back in place and wanted to show his appreciation.

"After about the second stop, my wife and I just looked at each other and said 'You know, I don’t think we need to be selling. So we just started giving them away.”