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Crafty Mom: Last-minute summer crafts

Labor Day has come and gone, but it's still summer for a couple of more weeks. Here are a two crafts you can do with the kids.

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Crafty Mom: Summer crafts
Erin James
Editor's Note: Today, we say an official so long to crafty mom Erin James as she shares two final crafts with us. Thank you Erin! But never fear! Our new crafty mom Amber Watson has taken over and will offer more crafts this month.
For a great way to cool down in these last days of summer, make these cute and easy squirt bottle buddies.
What you will need for this craft:
Crafting foam
A glue gun
Glue sticks

A water bottle with a squirt top

I love to recycle water bottles and often will find different uses for them. For this craft, I bought crafting foam from Walmart. I cut the foam out so that it looked like a fish when wrapped around the bottle.

There is no exact science for this and you can really make any animal - bears, ducks, anything would work. Then I used hot glue to wrap it around the bottle.

Then I added eyes and stripes or polka dots with the glue gun as well, or whatever pieces you would need to cut out for the animal of your choice. Then simply fill with water and you have a cute squirt bottle.

The next craft is a back-to-school craft. We made back-to-school buses.
What you will need for this craft:
Construction paper
White glue

Pencils or Popsicle sticks

For this, I cut out the shape of a bus with yellow construction paper. For the windows, I just folded the bus in half and cut out small squares. Then we used white glue to set it over an uncut piece of construction paper.

We were careful to avoid gluing below the windows.

We then cut out faces and glued them to the erasers on pencils (or you could use Popsicle sticks) and placed them through the windows on the bus.

The kids loved this craft and it was very simple. They loved picking out the people they wanted to make for the bus.

I hope you all have a great end of summer and that the start of the school year has been a great one!

Erin is the mom of three and blogger on WhattoExpect.com and CBN.com.

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