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As it reopens, Duke Lemur Center shares some baby pictures

Posted June 6, 2021 7:15 a.m. EDT

— The Duke Lemur Center opened back up to the general public on Friday (for those with advanced reservations). But in the days before they reopened, they also shared some adorable photos of new babies at the center, home to the largest number of lemurs outside of Madagascar. So, because we could all use some photos of adorable baby lemurs, here are some glimpses of #BabyWeek2021.

Up first is Clancy, an adorable and critically endangered mongoose lemur.

Then, let's boop this teeny guy who is loving on his little stuffie. Meet Coconut Palm.

Malala is glowing in this picture — especially her eyes, which set her apart from others. She's a blue-eyed black lemur.

And check out these bold, curious guys.

See more on the lemur center's Twitter page!