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Youngsville town administrator, son fired amid investigation

Posted June 30, 2011

— Youngsville town leaders fired a high-ranking employee and her son amid a police investigation into possible criminal wrongdoing.

Town commissioners fired Town Administrator Brenda Robbins and Joey Patterson, the town's streets and maintenance supervisor. Both had worked for the town for more than a decade.

Youngsville Police Chief Daren Kirts said that felony charges are pending against Patterson, but would not specify what the charges are.

Kirts said that some wrongdoing involving Patterson had been going on for approximately six years and that Robbins was aware of it. He declined to specify what type of wrongdoing or release more details about the investigation.

Kirts said he asked Franklin County District Attorney Sam Currin to investigate.


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  • Trinket Jul 1, 2011

    I'm sorry "TheDude" if I don't join the mob mentality. I am not going to assume that all employees are bad just because of one or two.

  • TheDude abides... Jul 1, 2011

    trinket- what have they been doing for YOU?

  • Trinket Jul 1, 2011

    Sounds like SOME of you have personal issues or making incorrect assumptions about some Youngsville employees. Let's keep this based on the facts and what the investigation uncovers, not rumors or small town gossip. I know for a fact some of the same employees mentioned AND past employees help bring some of the evidence to light. Mrs. Robbins has worked hard for the town of Youngsville. That being said, son or not, I do not believe that she knew the extent of things going on.

    Youngsville Resident

  • ameri-can not mexi-cant Jun 30, 2011

    youngsville police pstrol is this :one car goes down holden ,turns rt on us 1,pulls into new food lion parknig lot. other car goes down 96 turns into new food lion parking lot and they pass each other. no wonder that lady thought she could get away with this

  • TheDude abides... Jun 30, 2011

    Remember, this is the same county where the EX-sheriff is under invenstigation for stealing $100,000 from taxpayers and a childrens charity.

    And the commissioners put his "best buddy" in charge! Geniuses ALL!

    You see what we have to deal with here!

  • TheDude abides... Jun 30, 2011

    REMEMBER...this is the SAME county where the (recently resigned)SHERIFF is currently under invenstigation for stealing $100,000+ from the county drug-interdiction fund (county taxes), and for pocketing $10,000 that was supposed to go to buying christmas toys for kids (United Way).

    He also had to check himself into holly hill once this became public knowledge. The Attorney (sturges) for the Franklin Co. Sheriffs office said it was because he feared he would "harm himself".


  • normson7 Jun 30, 2011

    Looks like Smokewagon has a lot of inside information there, maybe needs to be brought in as a witness?

  • redant Jun 30, 2011

    Smokewagon - get off your soapbox! The government is actually composed of people, most who work very hard to provide necessary public services.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT Jun 30, 2011

    The article didn't give any details. But simply sounds like he was skimming off thne top. And sounds like Mom was his cover.

  • Luv2Camp Jun 30, 2011

    Smokewagon - I disagree with you on your post, particularly as it relates to local govt. employees. In my view, local govt. employees work their rear ends off. They are the ones that come out in the middle of the night to handle your utility problems. They are the ones that spend their nights at local board meetings. They are the face of the town you live in and they earn their money.

    You may find some unethical folks in local governments - there are bad apples in every barrel. However, most local government employees are very honest and very hard working folks.