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Youngsville officer charged with stealing lottery tickets

Posted January 12, 2012
Updated January 13, 2012

— The State Bureau of Investigation charged a Youngsville police officer Thursday with stealing lottery tickets and trying to cash them in at various supermarkets.

Jeremy N. Montejano, 24, of Wake Forest, was charged with seven counts of obtaining property by false pretense. He was released after posting a $10,000 bond.

According to warrants, Montejano tried to cash more than $2,300 in stolen lottery tickets at stores between November 2008 and last August. One warrant said he tried to defraud the North Carolina Education Lottery of another $1,000 by trying to cash in winning tickets that he never bought.


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  • poohpdoo2002 Jan 17, 2012

    That's a shame. Ruined his career before he even got started good.

  • sublimechick990 Jan 17, 2012

    For those of you talking about Youngsville PD's ethics and the kind of job they do.....
    I know Youngsville PD, they are great people, this guy was new, the rest of them have been there a long time, doing good in this town for a long time, they have a great reputation with the citizens that don't require arresting. The men that work there have real heart, they really try to make youngsville a better place, one bad apple doesn't mean anything. People love to find one bad cop to use to make them all look bad.
    Well what if I said all preists and boyscout leaders are bad cause the molest young boys, and all doctors and insurance companys are bad they don't want to help you, they just want to take your money. All politicans are liars, all young african american males are theives, and all bald white men are racist nazis. Would I be right in taking the bad sterotypes and blindly applying them? No, so its not fair for you to do it to LEOs just cause they arrest you and take your fun away.

  • sublimechick990 Jan 17, 2012

    I'm not saying I agree with what he did at all, it was totally wrong, but... had he not been an LEO then this would not have made the news the way it did. LEOs are targeted not because they are held to a higher standard, but because the public likes to see them dragged through the mud, and its not fair. I hate officers who do wrong because they give all of the MANY great LEOs a bad name and are singled out so it looks like they are all bad.
    Honestly, if someone was smashing in your back door with a gun who would you call? Next time you decide you hate police cause they pull you over for doing something wrong (that they would be persecuted for doing themselves) think about what they do for you daily, what they do to protect your kids and your families.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "sort order: oldest first | newest first
    @Journey985, my bad, it's after 5PM so you are no longer at your employer's computer to reply and make negative comments while judging many by the actions of"---

    Exactly. Last time he said he was on vacation. You never hear from him after 5 and you never hear from him unless it's a negative story about the police. ...and wow, it must be gang up on leo-nc day. Feel free. Doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'm up for a debate any day of the week. It's too bad that most "facts" presented here don't even come close to being accurate. It's typical of most golo posters though so I'm used to it.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "love2dostuff you are a smart man and good military member and I am proud ofyou for exposing a fake"---

    The only thing this person has exposed is that yes, there is a code of conduct but he obviously hasn't read it or he would know better.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "Journey985. Welcome. I get tired of people who talk like authorities but hide behind the curtain of anonymity"---

    Welcome for what? Being incorrect?

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "love2dostuf - Glad to see that someone FINALLY put leo-nc in his place! Thank you for that! As for this poor excuse of a LEO, he needs to be fired and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! I am sick and tired of reading these stories, and enough with the "oh it's only a small percent", ANY percent of LEO's breaking the law is unacceptable!!"--journey

    I agree that breaking the law by any LEO or any citizen is not acceptable. Especially for LEO's. Hence the reason I don't. However, neither you or he/she has put me in any place because I know exactly where I stand on the issues and I know the facts that back me up when I post. Once again, I've presented facts and now you have them. It's for you decide on how you want to skew them once again. You're famous for that and we all know it. At least those of us who've been around for a while. But thanks for your input. We do agree on a couple of things now and then.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "is it really breaking the code in the book if their departments are not the ones involved in the ongoing case?"----

    No, it's not. While you and I have disagreed on a few things in previous stories, you seem to have some common sense and you are correct.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    "Let me help you out on this one. He is most likely a mall security guard who sits home listening to scanners thinking he is a real cop. Just another one of the wanna bee's out there feeling better about himself but can't cut it in the real world. He is actually giving the real LEO's a bad name!"--cantbtaught

    Oh my goodness you exposed me. LOL - Seriously though, your username is definitely appropriate.

  • leo-nc Jan 13, 2012

    Love2dostuff... Let me explain some things to you. First, there is a code of conduct that must be signed by every member of the SHP. That code of conduct is a two page document. There are issues pertaining to social networking sites such as FB etc and there are certain things we cannot say. However, we CAN post on sites like this about stories like this as long as we are not involved in the case in any way. I'm responding about this issue as a reader, just like you who has no more information about the case then you do. So yes, I am absolutely allowed to do so. Second, there is no more three ring binder containing the policy manual as it is now delivered to the members via electronic method. So no, I am not violating policy or the code of conduct that has been signed, but thank you for your question. I've talked to a lot of people who are "relatives" which makes them nothing even close to knowing the inner workings of the SHP or any other law enforcement agency for that matter.