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Young couple crashes in Fuquay; boyfriend gets DWI

Posted January 15, 2009

— Parents of a Wake County teenager say their daughter snuck out overnight and got into a wreck with her boyfriend just east of Fuquay-Varina, according to authorities.

Troopers say Bruce McDowell, 18, lost control of his vehicle on Old Stage Road, ran off the road and ended up in a creek around 2:10 a.m. Thursday.

Emergency crews took his 16-year-old girlfriend to a hospital to get checked out. Authorities did not release her name.

Troopers say McDowell had been drinking. He faces several charges, including provisional DWI, because he's under 21, and careless and reckless driving.


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  • NC Reader Jan 15, 2009

    In high school I had a close friend. She was kind, lovely, bright, and had just been accepted into a top college. On her way to school one day her car was hit by a car driven by someone who had been drinking. Death would have been far more merciful than what happened to her. She has been severely disabled and institutionalized for more than 30 years -- all because someone drank alcohol then drove. No one has the right to do that to someone else. Unfortunately, it's usually the innocent who are maimed and killed. Bruce, it doesn't matter what you think about the laws, nor does it matter whether there was a deer involved. By driving after drinking, you were a danger to your girlfriend, yourself, and anyone on the road near you. Please take this seriously.

  • james27613 Jan 15, 2009

    what about endangering the welfare of a minor ?

    he put her in his car, after consuming alcohol and drove the car.

  • pebbles262004 Jan 15, 2009

    I knew a teenage girl once that snuck out at night . Her parents thought their child was in bed asleep and that all was well in their world...Well about 12:30 that night a leo came to their house.They told him, no way my child is in her room asleep. He said just go check and see....Their world ended. They had to bury their preious daugther in 3 days. All because she was also out riding with a 18 year old drunk boyfriend.

  • Common Sense Man Jan 15, 2009

    "provisional DWI is when someone under 21 has been drinking. Any amount of alcohol is DWI when you have those provisional license."

    The term "provisional DWI" isn't really accurate. The correct term for the charge is "driving after consuming while under 21." It's not a DWI. You can get charged with that and DWI as well. And provisional license doesn't have anything to do with it either. You can get that charge when you're 18, 19, 20 years old when you have a full license. A lot of people use "provisinal DWI" when describing the charge but it's really not accurate.

  • Common Sense Man Jan 15, 2009

    "That depends on the person tolerance to alcohol. If you're not a drinker and drink one beer you could blow a .5"

    We talking midgets here? I had a 5', 100 lb girl drink four beers and get to a .08. One regular beer and a .05 just doesn't happen.

  • FromClayton Jan 15, 2009

    I dont really have any comment on this other than it is WAAAYYYY more fun when the person in the story is also on GOLO. How about we all decide if we ever get in the news (good or bad) we jump on here and tell everyone else the gossip first hand. fun!

  • commandokidd Jan 15, 2009

    Maybe as part of his punishment, make him talk about the dangers of underage drinking and driving to his peers at schools across the county.

  • JrFan88 Jan 15, 2009

    Why would he swerve to hit the deer, seems to me ( I am sober) you swerve to miss a deer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thought Criminal WS Jan 15, 2009

    Reading Bruce saying he had been drinking, did screw up, and was going to tell it to the judge, sounds like he is owning up to what he did. I can't say I never drank underage, snuck out to meet a girl, or had an accident. Saying I don't agree with the law and I am not willing to follow it, but am willing to pay the price for it sounds a lot more like a man than any of the wastes who place the system, bad homes, or whatnot.

    Pay the price kiddo, but do recognize you're lucky no one died or was injured. People are going to be furious with you, as too many times someone HAS died in exactly this manner. Recognize that too, and no matter how much of a grasp of the situation you may think you have, a split second OR a fencepost could have been the difference between you being here or not.

  • commonsensical Jan 15, 2009

    ladyblue: Tolerance to alcohol only affects how 'drunk' you SEEM to be. One's BAC can be calculated fairly accurately using body weight, amount consumed, and time since consumption. Meaning that if 5 healthy people weighing 180 pounds each all consume the same drink at the same time, their blood alcohol content will be very close to equal.