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Would-be Copper Thief Causes Local Blackout

Posted May 20, 2007

— An attempted copper theft tripped safety systems at a Progress Energy substation Sunday night and caused a brief power outage in the New Bern Avenue area of Raleigh, the utility said.

Officials said the Milburnie substation locked out circuits when someone attempted the theft. The outage left 7,621 customers without power for a little over an hour, Progress Energy reported.

No arrests had been made in the attempted theft.


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  • radical May 22, 2007

    Builder03. You don't really think pennies are made from copper?
    They quit doing that in 1983. Then they made them with zinc, and copper coated them. A penny made after 1982 is only 2.4% copper. Before that, pennies were approx. 95% copper. (except for pennies made in 1943 which were made of steel and zinc)
    I would not recommend anyone try to take the copper from a substation. I think that would be kind of dangerous.

  • WTFmph May 22, 2007

    K, if you want to blame this on China ...

    and I'm completely agreeing with you that we have awoken the sleeping giant.

    Check out the Chicago Tribune for some insightful stories on our food safety:


    Not to mention that we cannot buy a manufacured item these days that's not labeled "made in China."

    Sorry to disillusion us, but not everyone can be a rocket scientist. Even if their families could come up with funds to go to college, many just couldn't hack the curriculum.

    We need manufacturing and service jobs here, or otherwise we need the massive corporate lobby of the prison machine. Personally, I'd rather bring the manufacturing jobs back home, and let the prison system dwindle again.

  • Builder03 May 21, 2007

    A smart crook (oxymoron) would figure out that there is approximately a nickle's worth of copper in a penny and buy up all the pennies they could get their hands on.....but of course, that takes money. Stealing is so much easier.

  • Low Voltage May 21, 2007

    I'll bet the security video is a hoot.

  • TWIG May 21, 2007


  • reportbuttercrack May 21, 2007

    Poor fergie never heard of a surge protector... cost umm like 5 bucks....you should sue somebody over your hd tv and yer lava lamp

  • Travised May 21, 2007

    They were dumb enough to try a SUB? Wonder if they got deep fried for their stupid human act. I thought 120v 10A felt bad enough from the wall. Imagine the juice (current) flowing through this!!! My mind goes to the comedic scene from Home Alone (sink setup, looked like a Grateful Dead album art)

    Find a Job crooks. Flip burgers. Pick up soda cans on the side of the road, but don't commit crimes in your attempts to recieve a pair of bracelets sooner or later.

  • chargernut69 May 21, 2007

    darn... they weren't fried?...

  • CarolinaK May 21, 2007

    Copper prices have been going through the roof lately, partly because of the demand from China (they're trying to build a computer infrastructure in a hurry). A few recycling centers are requiring proper identification AND paperwork that proves you legally own the metal you're trying to recycle, if it's for a large amount of metal.

  • Ferguson May 21, 2007

    This is the reason my HD TV was blown out. New lamp needed because of power surging on and off. FREAKIN GREAT!!!!