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Working Smoke Detectors Save Lives in Florida

Posted October 27, 2013

Always remember to keep your smoke detectors in good working order (along with your fire extinguishers). It's a good lesson to keep in mind, but if you need an extra incentive, consider the story of a family of three and their dog in Palm Bay, Florida, just outside Orlando. A devastating fire swept through their home, causing an estimated $50,000 worth of damage, but fortunately they escaped with the most important thing: their lives. Why? They say it's because their smoke detectors alerted them to the fire before it was too late.

Fire investigators believe the fire was caused by gasoline vapors in the garage which may have ignited when the water pump kicked on and sparked. This is a reminder to secure all flammable materials in safe containers inside the garage, and to keep garages well-ventilated while working to dispel fumes. If you haven't had an Orlando garage door expert take a look at your garage doors and ventilation systems recently, it's definitely time!

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