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Woman in Critical Condition After Jump From Bridge

Posted February 17, 2008
Updated February 18, 2008

— Durham police said a woman jumped from the Interstate 540 bridge onto Interstate 40 Sunday afternoon.

She was not hit by a car but the incident caused eastbound traffic to back up around 3 p.m., as police investigated.

The woman is in critical condition at an area hospital. Her name was not released.

It was not immediately clear why the woman jumped, police said.


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  • grannygirl Feb 19, 2008

    No should be to quick to judge. WTVD was wrong. She did not commit suicide, however she did attempt to commit suicide. She will have a long long road ahead of her, which is very difficult for us, her family. Yes, she did put others in danger, we are thankful that no one else was physically hurt by her actions. We, as a family believe that God is the giver and taker of life. Although we do not fully understand all that has happened, and all that lies ahead, she is much loved by the family and we are committed to getting her the help that she needs. If you have never suffered from mental illness or lived with someone who suffers from mental illness, you cannot begin to understand the day to day ins and outs, and what causes the person to think and behave as they do. It makes no sense to someone who does not have the disease. I can assure everyone that she has been under a doctor's care and on meds at the time of the tragic attempt.

  • sunflowerbubbles Feb 19, 2008

    She jumped cause she's obviously got some mental problem. She needs some professional help with prescribed medicine....Sad...hopefully she can get that help and live a more normal life!

  • LoveOneAnotherAsChristTaught Feb 18, 2008

    Let us all pretend that this woman is our dear daughter, or sister, or neighbor. Then, make your comments. She is our neighbor, at the very least. What she did was tragic for herself, and dangerous for the community. Let's pray that she will be alright and that no one else is inspired to copy her actions.

  • mmania Feb 18, 2008


    Exactly my point. It seems some of the posters are more concerned with "what if" as opposed to what really is. There isn't much thought process put into this kind of behavior and those it might affect.

  • Supie Feb 18, 2008

    suicide is insane. There is no "thinking" about selfishness or risk to others. People who are suicidal have a medical problem.. a clinical level depression.. and need to be face-to-face with an MD for assessment and referral to an appropriate treatment situation. There are rare exceptions usually involving terminal illness, but even then there is the possiblity that if treated for the depression the suicidal urges could subside.

  • mmania Feb 18, 2008


    Your post did not include the word "dangerous". I'm not going to get caught up in a WHAT IF scenario. THe woman has problems and tried to rid herself of them. She could have gone out in a haze of gunfire like the campus shooters, but she didn't. If she wasn't in her right mind she could have chosen any number of ways to do it, but I doubt if any of you were on her mind when he decided to do this.

  • mmania Feb 18, 2008


    Your post said NOTHING

  • Cheeksgirl Feb 18, 2008

    I don't know her reasons for jumping. However, if it was a suicide attempt there was a better way that endangering the lives of innocent people that are driving on the interstate.

    She could have killed innocent people. And who wants a body crashing down on their car!!!! Ugghh!

  • Aquamarine Feb 18, 2008

    mmania..........I see where you are going with this, but lets say you had your family in the car just as the woman jumps off the overpass, she crashes through your windshield which causes you, if you survive that, to lose control of your car and crash into the bridge abuttment. Your entire family is killed........but hey, the woman had a problem and we should show her some compassion. How do you feel about it now?

  • cateye Feb 18, 2008

    By the way, suicide is not a "selfish act" . . .it is last attempt of any type for a depressed individual to get their inner pain to stop.