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Woman drives SUV into Dunn post office

Posted August 14, 2008
Updated August 18, 2008

— A sport utility vehicle slammed into the Dunn Post Office just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday, according to witnesses and police.

Laura Robinson was driving a Dodge Durango with two female passengers and drove the SUV past the front columns and flag pole outside the post office, at 1115 S. Clinton Ave., and through the glass front doors, witnesses said.

The SUV smashed an island counter near the front entrance, narrowly missing customers inside, witnesses said.

Dolores Worley said her daughter jumped to safety behind another counter, and another woman picked up her 5-year-old granddaughter and tossed her over the counter as well.

Robertson was taken to Betsy Johnson Memorial Hospital. It was unclear whether she was being treated for injuries suffered in the incident or for a possible medical condition that might have caused the crash.

There was no word Thursday afternoon on her condition.

Police haven't determined the cause of the crash.

Postal inspectors and Harnett County building inspectors were en route to the post office Thursday afternoon to investigate the damage to the building.


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  • GRG Aug 14, 2008

    As the Officer approached, she hung her head out the window and said "Why do they keep making these drive-thru windows so small?"
    Really tho, I hope she's ok!

  • seeingthru Aug 14, 2008

    probably yacking on a cell phone or to friends--not concentrating until oooh my!

  • mebgirl1984 Aug 14, 2008

    i'll bet it was someone over 75 who shouldnt be driving.

    Icecreamman: I better not see you with a cell phone attached to your head, or not signalling a lane change while YOU drive. If I do see this, be sure you'll get an uno digit salute.

  • mmafighterwife Aug 14, 2008


  • bs101fly Aug 14, 2008

    take her DANG license away!
    another woman that shouldn't be driving in the 1st place.
    :c )

  • Scubagirl Aug 14, 2008

    "i'll bet it was someone over 75 who shouldnt be driving."
    75 yr olds don't usually drive SUVs, at least none that I have known. Not saying none do but not enough to make that statement

  • newfamily2001 Aug 14, 2008


  • NCPictures Aug 14, 2008

    Sorry meant that should NOT be driving.

    Oy! My typing skills.....

  • TheAdmiral Aug 14, 2008

    I have always said that they needed to have all Post Offices as drive through's.

  • NCPictures Aug 14, 2008

    I bet it was a 20 year old girl with a cell phone who should be driving.