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Wilson man had heart attack during head-on bus crash

Posted September 21, 2011

— A 70-year-old man involved in a head-on collision with a school bus in Wilson Monday morning had a heart attack while behind the wheel, police said Wednesday.

Robert Lee Hills, of Wilson, died at the scene of the wreck at Forest Hills Road and Cardinal Drive. The bus driver, monitor and five Fike High School students were checked out at local hospital as a precaution and released.

Police said Hills' Lincoln Town Car crossed the center line of Forest Hills Road and struck the northbound school bus.

Police are still investigating to determine if there were any other factors that contributed to the wreck. 


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  • dontgetmestarted Sep 22, 2011

    That is so sad - I, for one, was blaming the bus driver.

    You're joking, right? Even the first article made it clear that there was something going on with the driver of the Towncar before the accident.

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 22, 2011

    The police don't have anything better to do than to determine if there were any other factors that contributed to the wreck?! Man, I sure hope this doesn't turn into a "cold case"!

  • dontgetmestarted Sep 22, 2011

    clintoflannagan...omg! That is hilarious!

  • braddavis Sep 22, 2011

    If you all read regularly on here, you shouldn't expect much more from Wildcat.....I'm surprised that Wildcat didn't say, per standard response......"40 years without bail"

  • michaelclay Sep 22, 2011

    Wildcat, Wildcat, Wildcat. Dude you make me laugh!!

  • Ambygirl Sep 22, 2011

    clintoflnnaga-- ha ha ha haha hahhhhaaaaa! That was good!

  • clintoflannagan Sep 22, 2011

    You people leave Wildcat alone. There is no indication in the article that the man's death is a permanent condition.

  • davidk_at_unc Sep 22, 2011

    "My prayer for him and hopes he will get better." -- wildcat

    Uh ... he died at the scene. Most people don't usually recover from that.

  • Ambygirl Sep 22, 2011

    wildcat- The man died. Don't expect that he will get better...

  • misty123 Sep 22, 2011


    He's not going to get any better, he died at the scene of the wreck. It's in the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph.