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Weekend Not a Total Washout

Posted April 25, 2008

— After a warm, sunny Friday and a pleasant start to the weekend, a cold front approaches Saturday afternoon with a chance of some showers and storms.

The wet weather will mostly affect the western part of WRAL’s viewing area. Overall, Saturday will be partly cloudy, breezy and warm with the chance for late day showers.

Highs should be seasonable -- in the upper 70s to lower 80s.

Even the weather behind the front doesn't get too chilly. Sunday will be mostly cloudy with high temperatures still in the 70s.

The chance for rain extends through Monday and the clouds will linger until mid-week when the sunshine and warmer weather return.


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  • seeingthru Apr 25, 2008

    The more rain the better, quit complainig about it. Some of these posts horrify me with their self centredness. We will have a hotter summer than last year. Now is NOT the time to moan because you cant't do this or that recreational pursuit!! The drought is far from over and no, we don't don't live in the Mohave, but Vegas never runs out of water!!

  • DurhamDude Apr 25, 2008

    I'll take the rain anytime we can get it, drought or not. I'd rather let the rain water my plants than have to use city water. If only I had a reclaimed water system to tap into at my house... hint, hint City of Durham.

  • Sarge Apr 25, 2008

    I heard it's warm and sunny in the NE :)

  • RUSH_2112 Apr 25, 2008

    I like a good ole rip roarin' storm. Last year it rained most every Wednesday through about June.

    Some skywarn weather classes coming up

    Interesting stuff here too: http://www.weather.gov/om/brochures.shtml

  • cadetsfan Apr 25, 2008

    "I also think it's funny that WRAL now has a 7 day forecast when you can't even plan on it being right just 5 days out."

    I too think it's a bad idea. Forecasting error increases significantly past about 3 days, which means 5 days is at the limits of what's reasonable. (so, The Real Deal Tar Heel
    , 5 days is actually a long time to a meteorologist, and I'm sorry it's not always as accurate as you'd like).

    I wish they hadn't caved in to the 7-day thing...but at least it's not 10 days.

  • Space Mountain Apr 25, 2008

    I also think it's funny that WRAL now has a 7 day forecast when you can't even plan on it being right just 5 days out.

  • Space Mountain Apr 25, 2008

    Am I the only one getting tired of this pattern? It's been the same for a month. Warms up to 80 by Friday, rains and gets cooler over the weekend, then repeat. 64 on Monday? Ugh. I am ready for the 70s and 80s to stay and to have a weekend without rain.

  • Damn_Yankee Apr 25, 2008

    What is the matter with you people? Don't you believe in nice weekends? Sheesh. There will be PLENTY of rain this year and you know it. We don't live in the freakin' desert. It just was dry LAST YEAR. And now it's getting better.

  • DurhamDude Apr 25, 2008

    I hope we get a decent amount of rain out of this system.

  • Jimm57 Apr 25, 2008

    Just goes to show ya...Its always something! Hot, cold, rain, sun, cloudy, sunny...Sheesh!