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Web, mobile app keeps helping to fix Raleigh

Posted March 4, 2011

— Raleigh residents continue to make good use of a mobile and Web-based tool developed by WRAL.com, the vendor SeeClickFix and the City of Raleigh, according to a report from the city.

People used SeeClickFix to report 211 problems in February, at the rate of 10 to 12 a day, the report states.

More than 70 percent of those problems were resolved, a third of them within a day. The median time to closing a complaint was four days. Fifteen complaints hadn't been resolved within 15 days.

Most of the complaints were about traffic signs or signals and potholes. Other complaints concerned street lights, garbage or litter and graffiti, along with dead animals, quality of life issues, stormwater issues and housing and nuisance violations.

"Citizens, in general, seem happy with the city's response," the report states. "We have received several, 'Wow, that was quick,' responses after closing an issue in a short amount of time."

Residents sometimes use the tool to report issues that fall outside Raleigh's city limits or ones for which the city is not responsible, the report notes. For example, Progress Energy is responsible for maintaining street lights, and the state Department of Transportation cleans up litter along the interstates.

Those complaints are passed on to the appropriate state or local agency.


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  • medcoder05 Mar 7, 2011

    Trust me it is about all the money that the sorry city of raleigh can get from the good ole residents. They are trying to cover their excessive spending too much money on useless stuff so now they have to figure out how to make the residents happy again and make money. city of raleigh can kiss my 222. City of Raleigh does not impress me one bit. I know the insides of city of raleigh that hardly any of the customer really see the way city of raleigh are really running business. Politics are not goign to tell every little details becase of the details would tell the residents to vote the other way. City of raleigh are full of back stabbing politics and staff.

  • 27615 Mar 4, 2011

    I reported a pot hole and they fixed it pretty quick! Great Idea!!!

  • TeresaBee Mar 4, 2011

    It works! I reported a pot hole and they took care of it quickly.

  • ynniyric Mar 4, 2011

    oh, trust me the real reason is for money.

  • twc Mar 4, 2011

    Where do you file suggestions for the Highway Patrol to stop using so many unmarked vehicles to sneak up on speeders.

    If the real intent is to make the highways safer they need a more visible presence. It would be better to slow multiple vehicles down than to catch random speeders.

    Or is it about the money?

    And no, I haven't had a ticket!