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Wayne County teen charged with bringing gun to school

Posted April 8, 2011
Updated April 9, 2011

— Wayne County sheriff's deputies arrested a student Thursday after finding a gun in a vehicle parked at Rosewood High School in Goldsboro.

Steven Trent Walston, 17, of 318 Talton Road in Princeton, was charged with possession of a firearm on educational grounds and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Walston was placed in the Wayne County jail under a $3,000 bond.

Deputies said the gun was found after a search of the school parking lot by K-9 units and school staff.


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  • deercamojeffrey Apr 12, 2011

    me and trent have went to school together since kindergarten. our parents are about the same they expect alot out us and they want us to make something of ourselves one day. but just because he made a mistake and forgot the gun in his truck dont make him a bad person. we both hunt and i know ive forgotten mine in my truck before and i know other kids have too. and about the drug paraphenalia, we have all done stuff maybe our parents wouldnt be to happy about but its all about being a teen and we're all going to try things one time just to see how they are and they were young to at one time and they know how it is too. trent is not a bad person, he is just like me just a good ol county boy.

  • ginlee00 Apr 8, 2011

    fatchanceimwrong: English should be capitalized.

  • soniecemorgan Apr 8, 2011

    Thanks wral for the picture. The newsargus here would not post a picture of him. If he was of color it would have been on front page with a picture.

  • anneonymousone Apr 8, 2011

    FatChanceI'mWrong, if you had capitalized "English," you might have earned a B.

    If you had written "high school" as a two-word phrase, it might have been an A. :)

    Please be kind to those who write thousands of words a day very quickly. If I wrote as much as they did every day, there would be far worse errors, because I edit well, but type really badly.

    If a correction needs to be made, please consider sending e-mail to the webmaster.

  • what_in_the____ Apr 8, 2011

    Uncle or Aunt whichever applies, you're probably right, he's not a bad kid and he was in school instead of roaming the streets, even if this was a mistake, or memory lapse, he would have been better off not going to school at all if he doesn't have sense enough to take firearms out of his vehicle. Rules and laws are in place to protect people and society as a whole and when they are broken consequences occur.
    As for the drug paraphenalia, it doesn't matter if its residue or a pipe, or a pound of whatever type of substance, the fact that he obviously uses drugs should be a wake up call for yall. I have never heard anyone describing a drug user as being a great person. Which is why so many businesses require a drug screening prior to employment.
    For the comments regarding what other folks did at 17 years old, who cares...it doesn't apply here unless they too were in this same situation. I was 17 a long time ago but I never dared to bring a gun to school or use any type of

  • emeraldangeleyes Apr 8, 2011

    omg the gun was in his car! there was another case where they found a gun in the teacher's car and they didn't even fire the teacher, they suspended her with pay! why should students be any different! i graduated high school in wayne county and they definitely are one of the most corrupt school systems in the state!

  • Unknown Caller Apr 8, 2011

    I love how folk on this forum love to vilify people. When I went to school, there were many guns on campus. In fact, any pickup you saw in the parking lot had one in the back window. In addition, there were a good many of those same vehicles that had alcohol or weed in them That does not mean that the kids driving these vehicles were criminals. I will concede that this is indeed a different time, but we cannot get sucked into grouping folks together until all of the facts are in...

  • Ibelieve Apr 8, 2011

    This comment is a follow up to tovaresoates' comment. Does it really matter if it was an "inner city" or "outer city" school? Kids get in trouble each day, and doesn't matter what school they attend, there are rules and they have to be followed. Just pray for this young boy and his family that his life will not be tarnished at such a young age.

  • Scubagirl Apr 8, 2011

    These days drug paraphernalia can be as minor as a pack of papers-perhaps he rolls his own cigarettes? We don't know, but I'm not so quick to label someone a drug dealer just because of what the press says.

  • bryanpam Apr 8, 2011

    "he is not old enough to posses a firearm even off campus."
    April 8, 2011 9:48 a.m.
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    Sorry to inform you but, You can legally possess a firearm, in the state of NC, at any age.