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Wayne County students to get Memorial Day off

Posted May 6, 2008

— Students in Wayne County will not have to go to school on Memorial Day.

After protests from parents, the Board of Education officially decided Monday to give students the holiday off.


In exchange, the students will have to attend an early release day on Saturday, May 31.

State law requires a certain number of school days each academic year. A calendar committee consisting of parents, administrators and representatives from Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro created the school schedule last spring to include the May 26 holiday as a school day.

But in the military community surrounding Seymour Johnson, parents wanted students to be able to observe the day out of school.


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  • NCTeacher May 6, 2008

    As a Wayne County teacher, those early dismissals and teacher workdays are not all that most people think they are. We are BUSY on those days. For early dismissals we are required to attend workshops that keep us later than a regular day. Teacher workdays always fall on days when we have to make sure our grades are turned in and get ready for a new semester or grading period. We don't just sit around the schools and party.

    We shouldn't be in school on Memorial Day or Good Friday, but I think it was very unfair to make that decision at this last stage in the game. Had they made the decision just a month earlier they could have used the last teacher workday in April.

    It is all well and good to say that you are going to keep your children home on that Saturday. Could you not have just kept them home on Memorial Day and not forced all of us to have to deal with missing OUR family time or plans? Just another reason why teachers keep leaving the profession in droves

  • Worland May 6, 2008

    Here's the way the school board has explained it. When it came down to chosing between a day off in early summer vs Memorial Day, the representative from Seymour Johnson AFB said base families would prefer to have the summer day off instead of Memorial Day. The school board was unable to identify who this so called representative from the base was.

    With a large number of Airmen coming back from South East Asia, it only makes sense to give the kids Memorial Day and the following Saturday off to be with their parents.

    My kids learned a new word: "protest". They'll have the "Blue Flu" that Saturday... maybe call it "Shool Flu" Saturday.

  • lbnblakesmom May 6, 2008

    My son has perfect attendance this year, and for 4 out of 5 years. So either I send him to keep this record, or with less than 1 week of school left, he breaks his streak. The whole thing is messed up and the people on the calendar committee need to be kicked off! This is really not the BOE's fault, but the calendar committee.

  • bill52674 May 6, 2008

    I dont see how people can get mad about Memorial Day, but not get mad about Wayne County Public Schools having to go to school on Good Friday. Whats more important: Jesus or the Military??
    May 6, 2008 9:08 a.m.

    Squake, while I agree with you, not everyone in this country believes in Jesus. But everyone in this country is (or is supposed to be) a citizen. The day is to remember fallen American Marines, soldiers, and sailors who fought to give us the right to choose what we believe in.

  • mom2allstar May 6, 2008

    I was not going to send my son to school on Memorial Day whether they had school or not. I am also not sending him on a Saturday. They can make up one day by letting them skip a teacher workday or combining some of those half days that they have.

  • E.Scooter May 6, 2008

    My question to the WCBOE is why did they originally have it on the calendar as a holiday and then decide to change it 3/4 of the way in. Our children should not have to pay for the mistakes the committee made. I will most definately remember this when I vote for the BOE members next time around. My children will not be attending on a Saturday this year or any other year for that matter. Weekends are for family time and I intend to keep them that way, and I have heard several teachers tell their students to stay home that day because they don't want to work. The BOE should have just let it go this year instead of waiting for everyone to have plans for Memorial day anyway. Can't wait to see the write up in the paper about the absentee's on that Saturday!

  • bosoxbaby May 6, 2008

    Gotcha catfisherman...my bad...they are always out for something every month and I lost count of the days.

    Not trying to complain...just trying to figure out why they have something every month that keeps them out of school.

  • wab44579 May 6, 2008

    remember what Dick Cheney said "SO".

  • THE HECK YOU SAY May 6, 2008

    tcwife-It does not matter what an individual uses the holiday for to make it an issue. The schools take a long break for Christmas but not everyone celebrates or uses it as it was originally intended but if you tried to take that away there would be heck to pay! A holiday is a holiday and can be observed, used or practiced as an individual or family sees fit.

  • tcwife May 6, 2008

    If Memorial Day was observed for what it was meant for then this would be an issue but you can bet a lot of those that wanted the day off are doing nothing to honor our military members past and present. I have a better solution -- do as my child's private school does on Veteran's Day when all the public schools are out and they are not -- schedule a program to honor our military and have members of the military involved. This way it will teach them that Memorial Day is not any other day of vacation or beach time but a time to honor and reflect on those that gave their lives so that we can have our freedoms.