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Wake school board member resigns

Posted July 21, 2009

— The Wake County Board of Education will lose another veteran member next month when Beverley Clark steps down.

Clark announced her resignation Tuesday at a school board meeting. The move takes effect Aug. 12.

She has represented District 6 in central Raleigh for 10 years, and her current term runs through 2011.

School board members Eleanor Goettee, Patti Head and Lori Millberg have already chosen not to run for re-election this fall, and school board Chairwoman Rosa Gill was recently named to the state House to finish the term of former state Rep. Dan Blue, who moved to the Senate following the death of Sen. Vernon Malone.

Horace Tart is the only incumbent school board member on the ballot this fall.


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  • injameswetrust2003 Jul 22, 2009

    time4real...sadly, I am afraid the status quo is what we will get. The same type of socialists (gill, millberg, clark, goaty) will be voted on and we'll deal with the same stuff. Why does everyone equate neighborhood schools with racism? Does that mean that places where there are neighborhood schools (which is everywhere else) is full of prejudice? No, racism is a hot button word used by the locals to support forced busing.

  • time4real Jul 22, 2009

    IF voters do what they've just about always done here in Wake County, vote the "status quo" folks into office, or not vote at all, nothing will change this October.
    You want change???? Better get out and ask your neighbors if they do!
    Taxes are going up on us all now thanks to Bev's gang, if voters in this county don't get off their lame rumps and vote for a new school board you'll pay EVEN MORE because they'll find a way to get taxing authority and if you think the new tax hikes are about to bust your buns wait until that happens!

  • Ready2Taxi Jul 22, 2009

    Voters, beware! Defenders of the status quo are out in force.

    Of the 9 contenders for Rosa Gill's seat, 7 are current or former goverment professionals (see http://www.newsobserver.com/politics/story/1615107.html).

    For the four seats in the October election, 14 candidates have filed with Wake Board of Elections for the four seats (see http://www.wakegov.com/elections/default.htm).

    This October it is imperative to know your candidates and inform everyone in your circle about the choices we have in this board election.

  • happymom Jul 22, 2009

    ? Great. Have at it. I'm all for opt-in YR. Just don't force it on my family (that it doesn't work for). Anyway, I really think that's beside the point here.

    The problem is the way the school board is elected. My district got targeted for FORCED year-round. We also have a problem with our kids being bused 20 miles away (my mileage isn't computed the way the BOE's "as-the-crow-flies" estimates). Because it prevented other districts from having to sacrifice, my district was ganged-up on.

    I'd like to see county-wide elections so that the members are accountable to ALL of us and they will start taking the needs of all kids into account instead of just their own small districts.

    I'd love it if everyone except Mr. Margiotta left. He's the only one with one iota of fiscal sense AND common sense.

  • ThinkChick Jul 22, 2009

    I do believe Ms. Clark lived inside the Beltline which does not bus kids and has neighborhood schools...that is only for 'other people's kids.'

    http://www.cato.org/pubs/briefs/bp-023.html - for your consideration.

  • time4real Jul 22, 2009

    "You people criticziing our school board make me sick."
    TOO BAD, in a few months we're going to FORCE change on that board!
    Mr. Horace Tart will be leaving also, he'll just have to be voted out, which WILL happen this fall!

  • PaulRevere Jul 22, 2009

    "School board members Eleanor Goettee, Patti Head and Lori Millberg have already chosen not to run for re-election this fall,"

    Yeah, it's kindah hard to make it any worse, right ladies?

    As for the busing argument, it's the height of white "limousine liberalism" to assume some minority kid can't make it without a lot of help from said White liberal. And by help I mean $$$, not substantive help.

  • Timbo Jul 22, 2009

    That's the point, carolinagirl, they can't!

    Notice they make their sweeping statements (more like slogans) and leave.

  • carolinagirl75 Jul 22, 2009

    Explain to me why going to a school in a poorer neighborhood means you don't get as good an education. I'd like to hear straightforward reasons for this assumption.

  • aroundthehorn Jul 22, 2009

    Those in favor of bussing contradict themselves. Say you have two kids in separate neighborhoods - Kid A in middle income Neighborhood X and Kid B in lower income Neighborhood Z. The agrument for bussing says that Kid B doesn't get a fair shot at a quality education by having to go to the school in Neighborhood Z - somehow Neighborhood Z penalizes Kid B. But those same folks who want to bus Kid B up to the school in Neighborhood X also want to bus Kid A down to the school in Neighborhood Z. Now Kid A is being penalized. They are essentially saying that it's okay to penalize the middle income kid. That's the contradiction and it's not right.