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Wake deputy injured while helping motorist on I-40

Posted December 14, 2009

— A Wake County sheriff's deputy was injured when a vehicle hit his cruiser after he stopped to help a disabled motorist on Interstate 40 early Monday.

Trooper C.J. Alston said the deputy was pulled over on the side of I-40 East, between Aviation Parkway and Harrison Avenue, around 2 a.m. when a third vehicle slammed into the rear driver's side of his cruiser.

The deputy and driver were injured, but both are expected to be OK, Alston said. The disabled motorist wasn't injured.

Alston said the driver was checking directions on a GPS system and wasn't paying attention before he struck the cruiser.


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  • Common Sense Man Dec 14, 2009

    "At 2 am the Fog was as dense as it is this morning, add to that the driver "checking his GPS" and you have a recipe for an accident."

    And I'm sure you were on that same stretch of road at that time to know this.

  • JuanGrande v3.0 Dec 14, 2009

    "Brand New LED lightbar. Not a difficult bar to see even when in the FOG. People just don't care about anything but themselves anymore." - stag

    The LED lights are certainly bright enough, sometimes they are almost dazzling and can confuse you as to what lane the cop is in. Doesn't seem to be the case in this incident though

  • LocalYokel Dec 14, 2009

    good job trooper! Thanks for taking this bad driver off the road immediately. Seriously, I hope trooper Alston is OK.

  • GWALLY Dec 14, 2009

    Cell phones, texting, GPS "checking", lipstick, hamburgers....(anything BUT driving).....how about just doing some good old fashion DRIVING and TOTAL CONTROL of that 3,500 pound car you are propelling down the road @ 70 mph!!!!!!

  • stag15m4 Dec 14, 2009

    Brand New LED lightbar. Not a difficult bar to see even when in the FOG. People just don't care about anything but themselves anymore.

  • wcnc Dec 14, 2009

    "This is why you don't play good Samaritan and help someone on the side of the road, you are better off calling for help on their behalf otherwise you just create more of a bullseye for you and the other disabled/wrecked vehicle."

    Well, in this case it IS the deputy's job to assist.....and it stil happens.....

  • pbjbeach Dec 14, 2009

    well duh what ever happen to the move it on over law is that law still in effect thank you

  • djcgriffin Dec 14, 2009

    Thank our maker that the deputy or driver of the disabled vehicle were not hurt by the carelessness of the driver. I bet he will think twice now about fiddling with that thing while driving

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Dec 14, 2009

    It was a wreck, not an accident. The driver failed to see the car and failed to stay in the lane thereby causing the crash. I guess it's possible the deputy was partly in the lane. Still means the driver failed to slow down for presumably poor visability.

  • Skywatch_NC Dec 14, 2009

    When you're ...

    1) Texting

    2) Talking on your cell phone

    3) Checking your GPS