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Wake Deputies Make Big Drug Bust

Posted July 14, 2007

— The Wake County Sheriff's Office made a large drug bust when deputies stopped a vehicle carrying $80,000 worth of ecstasy pills, officials said.

Members of the Sheriff's Office Impact Team stopped a vehicle with an expired registration plate on Interstate 540 near Aviation Parkway around midnight Thursday.

When they searched the car, deputies said they found 4,000 ecstasy pills. Officials said the pills have a street value of approximately $80,000.

Deputies arrested the two occupants of the car, whom they identified as Hung Manh Nguyen, 19, of Concord, and Darie Coi, 21, of Charlotte.

Deputies charged the two with trafficking ecstasy, conspiracy to traffic ecstasy and felony use of a vehicle to keep and sell controlled substances. They were held in the Wake County Jail, each on a bond of $1.5 million.


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  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jul 15, 2007

    It's not uncommon to find Asians running X.

  • Supie Jul 15, 2007

    I find it interesting that these guys are Asian. Makes me wonder if the pills were manufactured in China and flown into RDU and if the tipoff came internationally and if the fact that the amount was mid-size that it was a new route the big guys were testing out. LOVE that it was thwarted !

  • nothingbutthetruth Jul 15, 2007

    dont read too much into this strot and the comments people are posting. drug dealers are in fact that stupid to have their tags expired and carry any amount of narcotics. if this was a decoy then they would have had alot more than a registration and they would not waste that many "rolls." why would they toss 4000 when they could get the same job done with 10. 4000 is not weekend use either. that is about a months supply for some. as far as the price, you could bust an airplane from south america with 40000 kilos and the price would not change. they base price on the type of drug and what they cut it with.

  • Derrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Jul 15, 2007

    Just like any business there are different players at each level. Just because someone "only" has 4,000 hits doesn't make them a decoy.
    A decoy vehicle would be one that travels just ahead of the vehicle that's holding the supply. The decoy vehicle would be one that tends to draw law enforcement attention with tinted windows, chrome rims, etc. A decoy vehicle doesn't hold any of the supply, they try and get pulled over if they see cops so that the main vehicle gets through.

  • Steve Crisp Jul 15, 2007

    No, I don't think that law enforcement set it up to make them look good, though they do tend to blow their own trumpet far too loud at times since the general public really has no handle on the insignificance of a bust this small.

    And the two idiots certainly didn't set themselves up.

    What happens is something like this. A shipment of say 500,000 tabs of X comes into RDU on a cargo plane. The traffickers need to draw attention away from that major shipment, so they get some mules, in this case two guys from the Charlotte area. The set them up with a rather small amount and send them on their way. Then they tip off law enforcement so that the guys who really do the drug work are tied up on this little bust. In the meantime, the real shipment is loaded onto a truck and drives right past all the activity on the roadside and heads to (say) Richmond via Raleigh and US 1 to I-85. Less traveled routes than trying to bring it is via Charleston and up I-95. There it is broken down and moved.

  • SailbadTheSinner Jul 15, 2007


    Interesting viewpoint.

    I can’t see any advantage to the dealers themselves trying to draw attention to their activities; perhaps someone else’s activities, but not theirs. Maybe they were ratted-out to help them “leave the business”.

    As to law enforcement running a “set-up” to make themselves look good, I don’t think so. Admittedly, I’m not known to overly trust government or authority figures, but this is probably a bit over the top.

    The bottom line is that I think that these guys are just mid-level dealers that are just not too clever and got busted for their efforts ....

    As to supply and demand, I expect that you’re right: This won’t disturb the street price.


  • Steve Crisp Jul 15, 2007

    The drug trade is a lot like the distribution model in the oil industry. You have a commodity that is in constant demand and whose price is sensitive to supply issues. And you have limited storage facilities at the various points in the pipeline of distribution; oil because of expense and bulk storage needs and drugs because of the illegailty and threat of capture. So things have to keep moving in a just-in-time mentality. As such, if you have one or two oil rigs go down, the price does not react since the output of those outages is insignificant. And with drugs, one bust - even if it seems sizable, does not affect overall supply, at least on this size.

    If these guys had been caught with 200 to 500 tabs of X, I would say that that they are local dealers who were transporting their own stock. Or if they were caught with tens of thousands of hits, they would more likely be regional suppliers. But 4000 tabs is a decoy. Large enough to draw attention; small enough not to impact supply.

  • neptunescourt Jul 15, 2007

    Thank goodness we have Steve Crisp around so we will know the whole truth. The next time, please let the cops know ahead of time so they can catch the real shipment.

  • Nancy Jul 15, 2007

    "If this was a MASK to cover the other of a larger deal going down - these 2 must have been "mules" - still can't beieve someone with that type cargo would ride around with expired tags."

    Noone ever said criminals are intelligent. They usually aren't, just greedy.

  • SailbadTheSinner Jul 15, 2007

    Not too likely that this was a “mask” or “cover” operation.

    In order for diversions to be successful, they have to consume a significant amount of the available law enforcement resources. I doubt if that happened here.

    I expect that this was just what it appears to be: A couple of drug-running hoods that got busted because of gross stupidity.

    Whether or not they were “set up” is an entirely different question ....