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Wake County justice center holds public preview

Posted June 29, 2013

— The Wake County Justice Center held a public preview Saturday and will officially open Monday, $30 million under budget and weeks ahead of schedule.

The 11-story, 577,000-square-foot building on Martin Street between McDowell and Salisbury streets replaces Wake County's 44-year-old courthouse on Fayetteville Street.

An expanse of marble, steel and light, the $184 million Justice Center was built with the public in mind.

The old courthouse elevators were painfully slow and cramped. The Justice Center has 17 elevators to speed people to and from the 40 courtrooms – almost double the number in the old courthouse.

"One of the things on the old building was the lack of elevators and ability to move people around," said Commissioner Joe Bryan. 

Traffic court, which is typically the busiest, is on the first floor to cut down on the number of people wandering the halls.

To enhance security, 200 video cameras are placed strategically throughout the building.

Civil and family court hearings will remain in the old courthouse.

This building is expected to last 50 years. 

"I  would not be surprised if we received national attention from other judicial services. To come in and see how our services are laid out and see what they can do for themselves," said Bryan.


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  • town guy Jul 1, 2013

    #30M under budget is great...but still...for the price of this thing, Wake County could have built a dozen schools.

  • dwntwnboy2 Jul 1, 2013

    Just went through new courthouse- it's beautiful!! Quick security lines, fast elevators, courtrooms on first floor- even the staff that moved over from the last courthouse love it. Hope I never have to go in there though unless it's to pick up something from Register of Deeds! LOL

  • LocalYokel Jul 1, 2013

    Fine display of capitalism right there! There are plenty of opportunities outside of court where ju$tice and law$ can be purchased but does the new ju$tace center feature private rooms with ATM machines where you can meet with a judge$ and lawyer$ to discu$ your ca$e?

  • dwntwnboy2 Jul 1, 2013

    KJ- they put them in different buildings to speed up the process. Now instead of one courthouse in Raleigh, we have two. This will speed up the process and prevent backups on the court docket. I'm sure there will be some revamping of the "old" courthouse as well.

  • kj90 Jul 1, 2013

    Wait...so this fancy new courthouse won't conduct civil and family court proceedings? I would think our investment of $184 million Justice Center should house all court proceedings.

  • dwntwnboy2 Jul 1, 2013

    Wonderful to see it finally opened. Should make the task of going to court that much easier. The last courthouse made it about 50 years before having to be replaced, so that seems about right- maybe even longer. All depends on how fast the area grows and what our courthouse needs are going forward, but good to see it finished, early and under budget.

  • BigOski Jul 1, 2013

    I hate when reporters use vague terms such as "This". What is supposed to last 50 years? The new or old courthouse? The sentence with the word "This" is in a standalone paragraph so it does nots show relationship to a particular reference. If the new one is supposed to last 50 years then I think the taxpayers got screw drivered.