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Wake County investigators uncover meth lab

Posted August 12, 2009

— Acting on a tip, Wake County investigators uncovered a meth lab Tuesday evening at 604 Creech Road in Raleigh.

Kimberly Hoffmam, 32, Hubert Gill IV, 32, both of 604 Creech Road, and Robert Pollitt, 27, of 4014 Evans Road, were arrested and charged with manufacturing meth, according to investigators.

They were being held Tuesday in the Wake County Jail and have court appearances scheduled for Wednesday.

Agents with the State Bureau of Investigation and Garner police assisted in the investigation.


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  • tiblet Aug 12, 2009

    if the obama health care plan really includes dental work for meth users...I am going to wig out.

  • shortcake53 Aug 12, 2009

    He certainly doesnt look pleased in this shot, lol. But i guess its hard to smile when you just lost your job. He will have even less to smile about once hes doing time. Which i hope is long and scary.

  • GravyPig Aug 12, 2009

    "GravyPig and ThePunisher, have you heard of the word "facetious". LocalYokel knows what it means." - larieke

    oh my goodness we have one of them english majors here. Seriously? For starters, I guess you have no problem determining someones sarcasm through text. Some of us can't always tell. Either way I could care less about Local's post. My post was directed solely at Pun for jumping to conclusions and making rediculous assumptions based on a few words.

  • Professor Aug 12, 2009

    They both look like users of Meth. What is our society becoming?

  • MakoII Aug 12, 2009

    How hard is it to track down a Meth lab? All you gotta do is follow the mean toothless stare often with facial sores.

    Besides, they like hurting themselves, so they want to be prosecuted.

  • CestLaVie Aug 12, 2009

    What a motley-looking crew this is. Winners...all.

  • larieke Aug 12, 2009

    GravyPig and ThePunisher, have you heard of the word "facetious". LocalYokel knows what it means.

  • freddie cadetti 72 Aug 12, 2009

    Mc Mickey...BINGO on the great observation! Good news , though...the new Obama healthcare plan offers free dental work for meth users, as long as they turn themselves in. Don't look for any long waiting lines.

  • hihuwatlu Aug 12, 2009

    Those mugshots will be great in the next edition of "The Slammer" newspaper.

  • tbpearson Aug 12, 2009

    Way to go local law enforcement for getting these dangerous drugs and their manufacturers off the streets. Glad to see my tax dollars going towards something.