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Wake Commissioners Want More Oversight of School Construction

Posted January 16, 2008

— A push by county commissioners to oversee spending on Wake County public schools came to a head at a meeting Wednesday.

Debate centered on a $21 million plan to repair water and mold issues at Lacy Elementary School. It came at a monthly joint meeting between the Wake County Board of Commissioners and the Wake County Board of Education.

As construction gets under way, several commissioners are questioning the design and cost of the school.

School board members said they are "bending over backwards" to keep commissioners informed. They promised to give more presentations upon request.

Buying land for schools will also get more scrutiny.

Wake School Board members said they will also do more to include commissioners in the process.

Several controversial land deals surfaced last year when the board made offers higher than appraised values.

Both boards also earmarked $20 million from savings to buy land for future schools.


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  • MOHAWK Jan 17, 2008

    Great idea! Someone needs to watch out for the taxpayers of Wake County. The school board has no reason or obligation to be efficient with our money.

  • Sidekick Jan 17, 2008

    Since when does a school board have to be accountable? They never have been in the past. Go to any NC county. You cannot audit their finances. They are exempt.

  • OncomingStorm Jan 17, 2008

    Sure, let the WC Commissioners "oversee" how the schools spend their money, because we all know what a good job the Commissioners did in 1969 with the Courthouse. Eight elevators pared down to four because 'Wake County will never get that big.' Such forward thinking by the Commissioners, people so involved with the daily goings-on of the school system *ehem*, is just what we need. Why do they think they can do a better job? If they want to handle school overcrowding and escalating costs, let the people we ELECTED to handle the job DO their job.

  • webhype Jan 17, 2008

    couldn't they level this school and rebuild it for $21 million ?

  • Timbo Jan 17, 2008

    Why? People with degrees in education are in great demand by industry to run mult-million dollar enterprises.

  • howdiditgettothis Jan 17, 2008

    Is WRAL censoring every article this morning?

    I think our tax dollars are wasted in many ways......school related spending is WAY out of line.

    The bottom line is until someone addresses population growth, and controlling land development, the school issues will continue to exist.

  • whatelseisnew Jan 17, 2008

    The more oversight the better.