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Wake commissioners to talk transit on Tuesday

Posted September 2, 2013

Wake County Commissioners will finally talk transit, but not in the way some people would guess.

At their regular meeting on Sept. 3, Commissioners will consider Commissioner Paul Coble's plan to hire two groups of consultants that would create a new transit and transportation strategy.

Coble has previously refused to discuss a proposed transit plan created by Triangle Transit that would be funded by a countywide half-cent sales tax.

Coble suggested the new approach at the end of the Commissioners' regular meeting Aug. 19. His comments weren't specifically listed on the agenda and he spoke during the "other business" portion of the meeting.

Coble suggested hiring three national transit and transportation experts who would create a panel to answer a series of questions based on three components: feasibility, financial practicality and governance.

The panel would take the county's needs, infrastructure and communities into account and offer an unbiased opinion, Coble said.

The recommendations from the panel would be used to create a Request for Proposal for a consulting company that would create and design a strategic transportation plan.


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  • whatelseisnew Sep 4, 2013

    "It's about time. If Wake County wants to remain competitive, globally, or nationally, we need to up our game with public transit."

    No you do not. Besides either you are competitive based on the goods and services for which there is a global demand or you are not. We ought to be focused on producing product people want to buy. We do have a lot of resources that people do want, however our National Government stands firmly in the way of doing this. As a consequence economic improvement is barely making any headway. Doing unnecessary mass transit that will be a burden on taxpayers instead of competitive edge is not the way to go. This are really should not continue expanding. The supply of water is already inadequate.

  • whatelseisnew Sep 4, 2013

    Any transit plan needs to pay for itself, and then pay a profit back to the vehicle riders that are constantly having their pockets picked to sustain transportation for other people. We do not have the money to be subsidizing ANYTHING. If it can not generate a profit back to the taxpayers, then do not do it.

  • funstuffhere Sep 3, 2013

    Any transit plan that does NOT include light rail or combined bus service to RDU should not be considered! Certainly the RDU Authority wants to see their new parking garages full all the time, but...they don't see that now with many travelers parking in off-site lots and commuting via transit vans to their departure gates. I would love the idea of catching a bus near my home to a rail-line and then riding the rail to a RDU designated hub and, if necessary, riding a transit van to the gate. Even better would be a rail-line that runs DIRECTLY to an RDU transit center near the gates.

  • pappybigtuna1 Sep 3, 2013

    Elected are the worst business people anywhere, they do not understand working within a budget, payroll, benefits, they will give the farm away.

    They should ask public held companies to present proposals, this cost nothing. Narrow down to a half dozen, work out the details, like cost to ride, increases and so on.

    Time for Wake County Commissioners to use some common sense and do not waste money. No one on that Board has a clue has to how to implement mass transit or manage it and NO UNIONS

  • PickAnotherID Sep 3, 2013

    Why do I have the feeling Coble was feeling the pressure and came up with this "bring in outside experts" idea to drag things out another few years??

    Outside consultants were involved in developing the original 2011 Wake County Transportation Plan, based on the guidance they were given at the time. So why do we have to go through this again Mr. Coble??

  • bill15 Sep 3, 2013

    It's about time. If Wake County wants to remain competitive, globally, or nationally, we need to up our game with public transit. We will double in population in the next 30 years and younger people move to a more urban lifestyle, without cars, when possible. We should let that be a problem for car manufacturers, not Wake County.

  • ezLikeSundayMorning Sep 3, 2013

    I'm not a fan of Coble, but he may have a point. Triangle Transit serves the entire triangle area. An outside consultant working just for Wake County could be beneficial. I hope they will at least consider the TTA plan especially for regional connections.