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Two pot farms found in Chatham

Posted June 8, 2011


Authorities destroyed two plots of marijuana plants found growing in Chatham County last week, authorities announced Tuesday.

Authorities found 1,784 plants between 1 and 2 feet tall that would have had a street value of $3 million when fully grown, Maj. Gary Blakenship, with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office, said. One plot was in southeast Chatham County, and the second in the southwestern part of the county.

Blakenship said that no arrests have been made, but the investigation is ongoing.

The sheriff's office, State Bureau of Investigation, Highway Patrol, National Guard and U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency assisted in the operation.


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  • jmdean4104 Jun 9, 2011

    Sorry people, but pot does not make one dumb, nice try. I know Dr's, lawyers, buisness people, all whom use mj in one way or another. Are they dumb, no. I would much rather have a Dr relax at night and wind down with some mj than get his drink on. Never known anyone who uses mj to go through withdrawl symtoms when they are out or just simply choosing not to use mj,, now alcohol or the readily available assortment of pills that are legal to have and take I've seen people shake, steal, and talking about the attitude from someone when they can't get their drink or rx pills,, give me the mj user anyday! Guarantee you everyone on this forum who opposes mj has at some point drank alcohol or taken a prescription pill, there is no difference.

  • chemman Jun 8, 2011

    But, ADDING to the list of available mind-altering substances doesn't make things better.

    So, your argument that other mind-altering drugs are available legally, so why shouldn't pot, is not very effective to me. More is not better.-ncpilot2

    My argument was what is the differnce between pot and these other legal mind altering drugs. I'm happy that the current drugs are on the market are enough to satisfy your every need but they aren't always the best alternative for others so in my mind that is a great argument for adding more to what is available for adults. So I guess you are also for disbanding the FDA and shutting down the major pharma companies too huh? More is not better for you so why do the pharma companies continue to develop and market new drugs? Why isn't the DEA kicking in their doors and siezing their products and profits? How dare they add more mind altering substances to the market! Oh, that's right we reward them with higher stock prices when they do that.

  • paythepiper Jun 8, 2011

    Pot does not make people dumb, its just that some dumb people use pot, no matter what they do, they are gonna be dumb, others can stop using pot, they are still gonna be dumb.

  • Rebelyell55 Jun 8, 2011

    I bet someone in trouble with the Mexico drug cartel.

  • paythepiper Jun 8, 2011

    Thanks D-Girl89, my point is simply this, the opponents are gonna have to come up with something better than it's "mind altering." The government does not care about that. If they did, a lot of other things would be illegal. Don't even get me started on the host of other legal substances that are actually proven to kill people, yet they are legal and readily available. No telling how much money was spent on this "pot farm" raid. Tell me where they are gonna burn it so I can go stand in the smoke. (thats a joke for you sensitive types) But seriously, our law enforcement agencies have other much more serious issues to deal with. I support LEO's whole heartedly, but this was a waste of time and valuable resources. Enough already, legalize it and tax it around 14 to 15 percent, let those that want to play, play. Those who don't, then just don't. Ok, I know thats the 70's in me coming out, peace, love, more love, even more love, ah but I digress. Thanks WRAL for the space. Peace.

  • CarolinaGirlRJA Jun 8, 2011

    paythepiper -- Glad you enjoyed my joke. Great statistics and FACTS although ncpilot2 won't regard any of them because their beer goggles are altering their perception.

  • Evolve Jun 8, 2011

    I see both sides of the issue. ncpilot is right that there really is nothing positive that comes of pot. The problem is the amount of money we WASTE fighting the battle. The amount of people incarcerated for something that they're not going to get rid of. Not to mention the income we miss out on from taxing it. It's the lesser of 2 evils. The unfortunate part I see is how dumb it makes people. American's are already stereotyped as not being very bright and pot doesn't help at all.

  • ImtheBadGuy Jun 8, 2011

    If it's cars flipping over that's the problem,and facts we're dealing with,lets talk about cell phones.Lets ban the texting function altogether.

    Not just while driving, but completely ban cell phones with texting capability.Then we could make all the electric cars out of rubber so they just bounce off of each other.

  • paythepiper Jun 8, 2011

    "Pot HAS CAUSED people to die in traffic accidents and in other accident scenarios." The CDC says that since 1980, of over 100 Million MJ users, 35 deaths have been attributed to it. Look deeper and you will find that in none of those 35 deaths was MJ the primary COD. It was listed as secondary or contributing.

    "According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 36 people die in alcohol-related road traffic accidents per day and another 700 are injured." That is 13,140 deaths per year, 255,550 are injured, all because of alcohol. Compare that with 35 MJ related deaths among 100 million users. These are the government statistics, not mine and can be found on the CDC website. These are facts, I think anyone can see the difference, yet alcohol is perfectly legal.

  • Gork Jun 8, 2011

    HEY WAIT A MINUTE - you mean it's not legal?!?