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Two people sent to hospital after police chase

Posted August 5, 2008

— Two people went to a hospital early Tuesday after a police chase ended in a wreck.

Investigators say Apex police tried to pull the car over under suspicion of DWI. The vehicle took off and police followed. Wake County deputies then took over the chase.

Around 1 a.m., the driver lost control of the car on Cary Parkway near Evans Road. The car hit a light pole, went airborne and veered down an embankment.

The two people in the car were taken to WakeMed with non-life threatening injuries.

According to Cary Police, Mirgol Kaveshnikova, a Richmond, Va., woman was driving. Her passenger was identified as Edwin Smith of Durham.

There was no word on charges.


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  • iron fist Aug 5, 2008

    leo you dont have a clue I have more respect for the police then you could even know I do know that a high speed chase can and does kill people, this was not or was not report a felon who had hurt someone, they could have by running from the police if the police had backed off he may have slowed downed or stopped before crashing his car I am jus glad he didn't hit someone else, you may think you know all the answers you don't you want to put everyone one else in danger to catch a SUPECTED drunk driver.What do you want him to do kill someone then have a charge of felony death? At what cost?

  • leo-nc Aug 5, 2008

    Iron Fist, you seem to have all the answers. What you don't have is research to back it up. WE have research to dispute all of your recommendations, if that's what you want to call them. Sounds more to me like you just don't like the police, and so any amount of rational discussion isn't going to get through to you anyways. Having said that, maybe you should man up, get some stones and join the patrol, or find a police department to work for. Either that or join the legislature and create a bill for change. I can tell you this, coming on here and whining about us doing our jobs isn't going to get you very far.

  • leo-nc Aug 5, 2008

    "As many officers as there are in Cary alone they should have had someone close by that could have set up a road block, stop sticks, add the sheriff dept, HP someone would have been near by. Or were they all on coffee break?"

    Should have, could have or would have. Blah blah blah. Like I said before, you weren't there, so you don't know what was going on, who was there and who wasn't. How do you know that there WERE other officers available to assist? What if HP was working wrecks miles away and other Cary officers were on domestics? What if the Sheriff's Office didn't have any other deputies because of a shooting?

    We all don't stop everything that we're doing because of a chase. If we did, and we're miles away, is that not just as dangerous as the chase itself, going 130 to get there? What if we caused a wreck on the way? Then you would be wondering why we were responding from so far in the first place? The coffee comment is just plain sarcasm and stupidity.

  • iron fist Aug 5, 2008

    You don't have to sit in the car, that would be stupid, about as stupid as chasing someone supected of being drunk HOPING they don't hit someone head on.

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 5, 2008

    Iron fist, you are too funny. And will you go to your local law enforcement agency and select the person you want to sit in front of a speeding suspect on purpose to take an impact from a 2 ton vehicle? Let me know how that works out. Like I said, stick to whatever you do and let the ones who actually work emegencies handle the important stuff.

  • iron fist Aug 5, 2008

    better to hit a parked car in the road then to hit someone head on tring to escape

  • thepeopleschamp Aug 5, 2008

    Iron Fist, you recommended a road block.

    Quote: "they should have had someone close by that could have set up a road block.."

    No agency that I know of has used "road blocks" for decades. If the suspect is not stopping for the car behind them they are not going to stop for a car sitting still in front of them. Stay safe second guessing from behind a computer and leave the emergency work to the ones who actually know what they are doing.

  • iron fist Aug 5, 2008

    I don't think a high speed protects or serves.

  • calleesganma Aug 5, 2008

    Very little was said about Wake SO other than they took over the chase from Apex,PD.
    The chase didn't end with the best results but getting the suspect off the road before an innocent victim is killed is the results LEO strives for (protect and serve).
    Everyone sitting at home reading the news or watching it on tv
    do not have a clue as to what great measures our officers, deputies and troopers go through on a day to day basis to keep you safe, lets appreciate what they do, not criticise.

  • Roach Aug 5, 2008

    I thank the police for doing their best to get the drunks off the road. It is a never ending battle.
    If we are not going to allow them to chase the suspects then why have police officers at all? Why not just allow total lawlessness?