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Two killed in high-speed crash near Lumberton

Posted July 24, 2012

Two men from Baltimore, Md., were killed Monday night after their car ran off the road at a high rate of speed on I-95 near Lumberton. According to the Robeson County Highway Patrol, the vehicle had been traveling at 120 mph.

Authorities said the driver, Avon Lamont Brown Jr., 31, was ejected from the vehicle after it ran off the road near mile marker 27. The vehicle was split in half after it overturned and hit a tree. Edward Anthony Crudup, 18, was trapped in the vehicle after it came to rest, according to the highway patrol.

The speed limit on I-95 in that area is 65 mph. Authorities said the vehicle was going 115 mph at the time of impact.

No other information was available.


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  • Vstrom Jul 24, 2012

    Cleaning out the gene pool.

  • ASU Jul 24, 2012

    The black box from the car can also be down loaded just like a plane. Witnesses also can tell law enoforcement how fast someone is going.

  • dgcreech Jul 24, 2012

    @cpmccols ... not necessarily, you can estimate the speed based on damage to the vehicle(s) as well as surroundings (guardrails, trees, etc) - this is true. Then if you look on the roadway for skid marks, you can also estimate the speed they had been traveling as well. Also, if they weren't being chased, it's still possible that other drivers had seen them driving at a ridiculous rate of speed and reported estimates.

    Now, with that being said - yes, it is possible that they were being chased, but it's also possible they weren't. Either way, positive thoughts are with the families of these two.

  • Gay Aiken Jul 24, 2012

    Were they being stupid? The answer is yes.

  • cpmccols Jul 24, 2012

    Sounds like it. They had a speed at which the car was traveling and a speed at impact. Speed at impact can be estimated by car damage, the "had been traveling at" sounds like a NCSHP car clocked them or was doing a similar speed to know how fast they were going. Does it matter though?

  • 12-21-12 Jul 24, 2012

    Were they being chased?