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Two juveniles escape from development center

Posted May 19, 2010

— Authorities are searching for two juveniles who ran away from C.A. Dillon Youth Development Center staff on Wednesday night.

Officials say the boys, identified only as London C. and Tre B., ran away during a supervised social outing in Durham. They were last seen just before 8 p.m.

Authorities say London is from Wake County and Tre is from Wayne County.

Anyone with information about their whereabouts should contact local law enforcement.


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  • somey May 20, 2010

    LIVEITUP - I would rather be silly than stupid.

  • wildcat May 20, 2010

    Maybe they need to put them on in prison where they cannot escape. Now they have escape charges on their heads. Senseless act. May they catch them soon. Anyone hiding them should also be charge.

  • Mr. Middle of the Road May 20, 2010

    Methinks that Batman just felt like rattling a few cages. And it worked! 'The sky is falling crowd' jumped right on his silly comment.

  • DeathRow-IFeelYourPain-NOT May 20, 2010

    LIVEITUP: "How can you decide from names like that whether they are black or white???? Some folks are so silly!"

    I don't know. But I'll take a stab at it. Maybe he looked at their PICTURES!

  • LIVEITUP May 20, 2010

    How can you decide from names like that whether they are black or white???? Some folks are so silly!

  • Whatever Geez May 20, 2010

    yeah Identified ONLY racist batman...read it! how would it had been a story if it said, two juveniles escaped...no picture and not even part of their name? C'mon now...

  • Love it or leave it May 20, 2010

    Wow, its amazing how racism always shows its ugly head in almost every story with a black man.
    Facts are people need to know what these kids look like and their names so they can help identify them.
    "identified only as London C. and Tre B."

  • Whatever Geez May 20, 2010

    Batman: does it really matter if they told their names? The escaped......I dont care what their skin color is and if you are that ignorant then maybe you need to be put in with them otherwise they need to be taken out of whatever development center their in and put them in prison with the big boys.....

  • batman1973 May 20, 2010

    Being that they are teenagers i thought the media would not identify nor state their names. I guess it depends on your skin color for that to apply. I would understand if these were teen killers or something very drastic, but i hardly think it was, since they were out on an outing in durham with the public. Just my view.

  • garnertoy May 20, 2010

    Just made it worse on them