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Two face drug trafficking charges in Nash County

Posted September 17, 2010

— Authorities in Nash County arrested two people this week on charges of trafficking marijuana valued at approximately $250,000.

Officers stopped Lambert McKinnon, 52, of 2777 Northwood Court, Marietta, Ga., Wednesday on Interstate 95 and found a handgun and 108 pounds of marijuana during a search of his vehicle.

The search led authorities to search the home of James Hunter, at 1240 Qualls Farm Road in Enfield, where they found 140 grams of marijuana, eight firearms, assorted drug paraphernalia and $14,765 in cash.

McKinnon faces two counts of trafficking marijuana and one count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Hunter, 40, faces two counts of conspiring to traffic marijuana and one count each of possession with intent to sell and deliver marijuana, felony possession of marijuana and carrying a concealed weapon.

Both men were in the Nash County Jail Friday under a $500,000 secured bond.

Law enforcement officers from the Nash County Sheriff's Office, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation and the Rocky Mount Police Department participated in the investigation.


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  • toughtiger Sep 17, 2010

    do you want to be on the highway with someone you is high. Or have them working next to you. Alot of people would abuse the drug just as the abuse drinking.

  • Gork Sep 17, 2010

    Ask Big Pharma... Ask your congressman who takes thousands of dollars from Big Pharma. Ask your congressman who takes thousands of dollars from "law enforcement" suppliers - particularly those who operate prisons.

    When you have popular candidates who rave against self gratification, what do you expect, intelligent legislation?

    Do the right things - ask your congressmen those questions, but then just do the right things. If you want to do something illegal that doesn't hurt anyone else, you should feel obligated to be true to yourself...

  • oleguy Sep 17, 2010

    Move to Moore county, buy 10 or more acres, put a keep out sign at the gate, and go for it, Simple as that

  • hdsoftail Sep 17, 2010

    agreed highness, it should be your business what you do in your house if you are not affecting anybody else. You got too many people out there that worry about what everyone else does. It should be legal.

  • iworkandpaytaxes Sep 17, 2010

    Legalize NOW commies. Why can I come home on a Friday and drink until I die, but I can't smoke marijuana until I die (wait that's never happened)? It's my money I work for. Its my body. Any commie want to answer why I can't possess a plant or smoke it with my money I worked for to put in my body?

  • 1 of the original Americans Sep 17, 2010

    The search led authorities to search the home of

    sounds like someone did some snitching!!

  • gvmntcheese Sep 17, 2010

    well done? how so?

  • just my2cents Sep 17, 2010

    Job well done LEOs!