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Two killed when car runs off road, hits tree in Raleigh

Posted November 29, 2013
Updated November 30, 2013

Two dead in single car crash

— Two 23-year-old men from Raleigh were killed Friday evening when the car they were in ran off of Lynn Road, struck three trees, split apart and caught fire, Raleigh police said. 

According to investigators, Logan Sloan Aronson was driving his 2003 Acura about 90 mph when he lost control while driving westbound on Lynn Road near Lead Mine Road at 7 p.m.

The car left the road and hit three trees, killing Aronson and his passenger, Edward Blake Tolley. Part of the vehicle caught fire following the wreck, investigators said, and the vehicle traveled more than 200 feet before coming to a stop.

Michelle Lawrie, who lives across the street from where the wreck happened, said she saw the aftermath. 

"A car, half a car, we saw two pieces of a car and an explosion," said witness Michelle Lawrie. "It is something I don't want to remember."

In a wreck report released Saturday, investigators said they believe alcohol and speed were the contributing factors in the crash. An investigation into the wreck is ongoing.


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  • tootiefrootie Dec 3, 2013

    Im sure the parents of those boys taught them well, the obituaries were a sad read.

    Fortunate no one else was hurt and hope that parents will stress again to their offspring the dangers of speeding, drinking and driving.

  • sinenomine Dec 3, 2013

    SisterChristian, God may well have granted admission to Heaven to these two young men but as far as God "taking them", well - God had an awful lot of assistance in doing so from the driver of the car, who was doing ninety on that stretch of road. My guess - God would have been just as happy to have let these two be if the driver had only been going forty-five.

  • monami Dec 2, 2013

    Thankful no one else was injured. This was senseless and tragic.

  • SisterChristian Dec 2, 2013

    This is 'beyond heartbreaking'. My heart goes out to the families and it has been weighing heavy on my heart. These two men had their whole lives ahead of them but God went on and took them to Heaven because he needed them. Everything happens for a reason on this earth and the plan is there before we are born, I believe. I lost my cousin in a wreck and to this day miss him so much but know when I am reunited with him in Heaven it will be for so much longer than it was on this earth. It will be for ETERNITY. God bless family and friends of these two young men. You will see them again.

  • Amomoftwo Dec 2, 2013

    So glad that no one else was on that stretch of road...............

  • woodrock223 Dec 2, 2013

    that section of the road is too curvy to be driving 50-60 mph, much less 90 and while they were drinking???? poor choices on both of their parts

  • justanotherstateworker Dec 2, 2013

    I am so sorry for the family's and everyone involved. My prayers go out to you all. One stupid choice in one split second. This is tragic. I am so sorry.

  • GK N.Ral Dec 2, 2013

    Really! 80+ mph on that road?